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Term 3 Week 2

This week our learning has been about the people who help us in school. We used question words to think of our own questions to ask our site manager Mr Elgar all about his job. We thought that we would help him by making an apron. We tested tots of materials to see if they were waterproof. 

We used some of the school laptops this week and had great fun playing a maths game

Term 3 Wk 1

Welcome back to all of the Acorns. I hope you all had a lovely break and wish you all a happy new year.

I have been so impressed this week, we all seem to have remembered the sounds we have learnt and are continuing to read all of those tricky words. We have written some super sentences about the New Year and the presents we received for Christmas. We have also learnt about the year changing and the months and seasons. All the children could tell me that we are now in winter and what we might expect winter to look like. Brrrr!

 This term our topic is called Community Heroes. We will be learning about all of the people who help us in our school community and the wider community.

We will start off next week asking Mr Elgar our school site manager all about his job and how we can help him.

We will then be learning about then Police, Paramedics, Chinese New Year and the Fire Service.

Week 1

Wow! What a fantastic first few days Acorn class have had!

The children have begun to settle in to school and are learning lots of new routines. We have already been out on to the playground with all of the other children and everyone played happily, some were so excited to see their older siblings. We have made our own labels for our pegs and have drawn a self-portrait for the front of our books.  Our favourite story this week has been Little Lumpty, we are all so pleased when he is safe! 



Our Learning this term will be 'Marvelous Me' and will be all about ourselves and our families. 





Week 2

A super second week for Acorn Class

We are learning lots of new routines and are all getting used to where things are and what we do in school.

We had our first school dinners this week, which were very yummy! All of the children behaved well and ate their dinners really nicely. We all tried hard to use our knives and forks. Thanks to the Year 6 buddies who were on hand to help.

We are learning to use our listening skills. We listened to our class instruments and matched them to the sounds they made.



It was lovely to see so many parents today. Sorry if I didn't get to talk to you all. If you need to speak to me or are unsure of anything you can usually see me most days after school.


We are so excited to stay all day next week. Please encourage your child to say goodbye to us at pick up and make sure we have seen you.

If the children are happy to come down and play with their friends on Monday that would be great. We will be on the play ground from 8.30 to support them into school.

Week 3

Wow! our first full week! We have been very busy. We have been learning all about acorns. The children know that acorns grow into oak trees and can identify an oak leaf. We did our first PE session in the hall this week. We learned how to sit in a space and to be careful of others when we are moving our arms and legs. We are very good at counting and counted acorns to 10 and some of us even went higher! We are starting to look at reading books as a group and getting used to our class learning routines We also went into assembly this week with the whole school. We have done really well!

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Wk 4

This week our learning has been based around Harvest. We have had the farm out to play with and have learnt all about what happens to the corn and fruit and veg when they are harvested.

We have used initial sounds to label fruits and vegetables and have used the language heavier and lighter when using weighing scales to compare objects.

We were fantastic on Friday afternoon when we went to the Church for Harvest Festival. We walked really sensibly along the road and listened really well in the Church.

Week 5

This week Acorn class have been learning about our families, the children drew a super picture of their family. We used some of the sounds we have learnt to help us to label.

We have used the classic and much loved ‘Pat Hutchins’ story ‘Titch’ to inspire us. Titch is little and has a medium sized sister and a big brother. This story also helped us to learn the language related to measuring such as big, bigger and small, and to compare and order according to size.

As well as lots of learning we have also had lots of fun. Check out the pictures of smiley, happy children investigating and discovering during our Child Initiated Time. Builder's is a favourite theme at the moment, with lots of wall building and mixing our 'cement' also involving lots of measuring and careful placing of bricks to make our walls really strong.

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Week 6

Wow! what a busy week we have had! We have continued our learning about families and have met the Robinson family. These are the characters from the Oxford Reading Tree books which I'm sure lots of you know. We especially enjoyed learning about Floppy the dog.


In our maths learning we sorted Floppies biscuits and made repeating patterns.


On Friday morning Ian visited us to kick off next weeks learning following our book week theme of Super Heroes.


Don't forget to dress up on Friday!

We also had great fun with the leaves!
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Week 7 Super Hero Book Week

Wow! What a lot of things going on this week!

Picture 1
We have had such fun this week.We have attended lots of workshops and had lots of different people reading us stories.

We've also been busy with all of our usual learning.

Try to go through your sounds and sight words over the holiday, and maybe even some of the fine motor control activities aimed to help with strengthening little fingers to hold pencils correctly.


Next term are learning will be based around some much loved stories or 'Treasure Tales' with lots of exciting activities planned.


Most of all though have a lovely half term and a well deserved rest.

Treasure Tales

Wk1 Term 2

Welcome back to all of the lovely Acorns.

I hope you all had a great half term.

We have had another busy and fun week. We have learnt about how to stay safe on bonfire night and thought about all of the words we could use to describe fireworks. We even sounded some out and wrote them down. We have been practising our tricky words. Remember these are words that don’t sound out so we need to keep looking at them. In maths we started to add two groups together using the part, part, whole method. We also got changed for PE, very good! We loved playing in the water!

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Term 2 Week 2

Our learning this week has been based on the Three Little Pigs. We have ordered the story on a story map and retold the story sequencing the main parts. Ask the children if they can remember the main parts of the story and the story language.

In maths we used the words heavier and lighter to describe the bricks, sticks and straw that the pigs houses were made from. We also did lots of counting and counting out objects on to number cards.

We changed again for PE, and practised our Write Dance to help us with our fine motor control.

We also had our first visit to church, we were super sensible!

Term 2 Week 3

This week we have been learning about the three billy goats gruff. The children retold the story using a story map and build some fantastic bridges thinking about how the goats would get on to the bridge and if the water could flow under the bridge.

We had a super fun day on Friday and made lots of money for Children in Need.
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Week 4 Term 2

“Oh help! Oh no! It’s a Gruffalo!”

Well its Gruffalo soup at least!

This week we have probably had too much fun! We have been looking for Gruffalo’s in the school grounds. We decided that to stop the Gruffalo wanting to eat the mouse we would make him some Gruffalo soup. For our Maths we shared out the ingredients we needed, and for our English we followed instructions to make the soup.

We had a Forest School session looking for the Gruffalo, we found a few I think and lots of other interesting things.

We took our soup outside to eat and left a bowl for the Gruffalo.

It was so yummy, I bet he never wants to eat a mouse again.

A great big thank you to Mrs Blaine and Mrs Newman who helped us today ( I think they quite liked the soup too!)

Week 5 Term 2

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The elves have been in to the classroom and transformed it ready for all of the festive fun.

A special visitor has been today. He's a bit early but I suppose he has lots to do.

wk 6 term 2

Wow Christmas is nearly here! We had a super time at the panto, Oh yes we did!

Picture 1
We have even made our own wrapping paper using a repeating pattern.

Term 2 Week 7


What a fantastic last week of term we have had. Our lovely lead up to Christmas started with our fabulous Nativity. The children all did so well.

Picture 1
We had a really fun, yummy Christmas dinner.
We made our own Cristingles
And we held them in Church.
And to end the week we even had a little party.
Happy Holidays Acorns. Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!