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Children's prayers

Each week we have a different class that are responsible for writing and then reading the prayers in our collective worship.

Here are some of their words.

Dear God,

Thank you for watching over us and helping us learn.

Thank you for giving us the best teachers.

Thank you for all you do to make our lives great.


(By Lucas)


Dear God,

We thank you for our toys and food that we take for granted.  

We ask that you give to those who do not have a home, or food and water.  

We have warm and comfortable clothes and we thank you them and all these wonderful things that you have given us.  

We pray that we will have a good harvest and that everyone can be happy.


(By Reka)


Dear God,

Thank you for all our fruit and vegetables.  

Please help those that go without. 

Give everyone shelter, clothes and food.

Thank you for all our toys, clothes, food and shelter.