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This week we measured the water boxes. We recorded the length and width of them both. We found out that they were being filled up with a hose, which is NOT very eco-friendly. We are considering buying some new net coverings for them so rainwater can get inside, but children can't fall in them. This will help us save water because it can be collected from there and used. We looked online for some netting, but we need to write to Gardening Club to see if they agree with our decision. If they do, we will ask the PTA if we have any spare money to go towards them. We hope they do because we really want to be as eco-friendly as possible! 

Water storage

ECO CLUB 2017-2018
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This week we had a look at our water butt and if it was in use. We found out that it did have a pipe in it and it had collected lots of water, but it wasn't really being used like it should have. We asked if Gardening Club were using it but they said no because it wasn't close enough to where they were growing things. However, we hope that they will make an effort to try and start using it more often because Eco Club isn't about doing the easiest thing, it's about doing the best for the environment! We also asked Mr Elgar about our water meter, but he said we couldn't read it because it was too wet and dirty in the drain! Mrs Lewis said she will give us a copy of our water bill. We also asked about water-saving devices in the toilets. However, he said this has been tried before, and it caused lots of problems! Even though we have found out some things we want to do aren't possible, we are still really trying to do our best to make us a very eco-friendly school!

Hello. Our names are Jessica and Charley. As Year 6s, it is our responsibility to write the blog for Eco Club. We work alongside the others- Libby, Riley, Joe A, Joe H, Oscar A, Ed, Daisy and Harry.

We have done an environmental review and decided that we are going to work on the project of Water in order to reduce the amount of water we use. We also have assigned jobs: 

1. Find out if we have a school water butt and if it is in use.

2. To see if people are turning off the taps in Silver Birch (their class doesn't have push taps).

3. Find out about the water meter.

4. To see if there are water-saving devices in the toilets both at school and at home.

ECO CLUB 2016-2017
Meet the Elham Eco Club!

What does Eco Club do?

We are trying to help the environment by making the school more eco-friendly.


How are we going to do this?

This term we are trying to be more eco-efficient by switching off electronic devices to save electricity.  We have been doing a survey to see how good we are at switching off.  

Tuesday 7th March 2017

We want to congratulate Willow Class on coming 1st and also Oak Class for coming 2nd in our Switch Off Fortnight Survey! Each of these classes will receive a certificate of achievement, but all of the other classes will get stickers for participation and trying hard! Well done everyone!

Also remember to put your finished fruit in the bucket bin by the stairs so that we can be more ECO friendly! 

Although Switch Off Fortnight has finished, still turn off electrical devices and objects, close windows and doors to save energy!

Written by Reka yr 6, Theo yr 3 and Hannah.S yr 6. 





28th March 2017

Today we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of wooden or plastic benches and tables for our school. The PTA have very kindly given us some money to spend on them. We are hoping for: school activities, eating our lunch and reading or drawing during break and lunch time. Next term we will bring a survey around the classes to find where you would like the benches.  Have a look at the ECO notice board to see which type of table you would prefer.

Written by Reka yr 6, Hannah.s yr 6 and the ECO team.

Tuesday 2nd May 2017


We have made posters and put them up around the school about where you would like your benches to go, so make sure to have a look at them. We have made a choice of getting recycled plastic benches- which are better for the environment than wooden. We think it is best to have the benches somewhere on the field but it is up to you whether you want them in the shade or sunshine, at the far end or at the front. Some of the older members of the ECO club will come round with a survey to ask your opinion of where to put them.

Tuesday 9th May 2017

Today we did a litter pick and found lots of rubbish in all the places we wouldn't have expected! We found a whopping amount! So please if you see anyone dropping litter tell them to pick it up! We have also come to the conclusion that we need a bin on the pitch.

The new benches are on the pitch and the votes have been counted. The winner will be announced on Friday's Celebration Assembly. 

Bench Survey

Bench Survey 1