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Head-boy and Head-girl

Our Head-boy is Benjamin and our Head-girl is Lily.  

Both of these children are in Year 6 and have been at Elham Primary School since they joined Foundation Stage in September 2011.


Star Gazing Night

"When I became Head Boy at Elham School, I wanted to do a star night, so I contacted the chairman of the South-East Kent Astronomy Association (SEKAS) and he replied with a yes! On Thursday 25th January, we had a star night, over 70 people came and the SEKAS had 5 telescopes up and running in the playground. The weather behaved itself for the first 5 minutes, and then it started raining so we all went inside. The Chairman did a very interesting talk about stars and different software you could use to see them. Then, when the rain cleared, we went outside and did some star-gazing. The Moon was lovely and we managed to see Orion, The Big Dipper, and the constellation of Gemini. It started raining again so we went inside and he showed us an App he had that could help label un-marked galaxies. He encouraged us to use this instead of sitting watching rubbish TV! This is the first star night we have had at Elham school and I think it is a really good addition to the activities we do at school. If you missed it we could have another opportunity in the Spring – let me talk to Mr File!

Best wishes


Welcome lunch with Mr File

Welcome lunch with Mr File 1
Welcome lunch with Mr File 2

Lily, Benjamin and Mr File shared a lovely lunch to celebrate their election to their new roles.  They were able to spend time chatting about their roles and responsibilities and their ideas to develop the school in the coming year.

Lily said ‘it was amazing and delicious!’

Benjamin said ‘I loved there anymore?’