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Home Learning

Present at the meeting

8 parents from a range of year groups, 2 members of staff and 1 governor.

Aim of todays meeting

To share thoughts on HOME LEARNING.

To gain parent view before updating the Homework Policy.

What should it look like and how can we ensure it has maximum impact on children’s learning?


We will-

Look at statutory guidance.

Look at what we already do.

Discuss ways of improving HOME LEARNING arrangements with a view to having maximum impact on children’s learning.

Outcomes of the meeting

1. Home Learning Policy will change to guidance and will be updated.

2. Each child will take home a letter/flyer with an overview of learning that will be covered at the beginning of each term.

3. Home Learning will consist of-

               - Reading at home with an adult at least 3 times each week but ideally much more. 

               - Times Tables being learnt.

               - Spellings being sent home and learnt.

4. We will explore the use of Matheletics as a resource for children to use at home and in school.  A trial will take place in March.


Parent Forum- Home Learning