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9th January 2018

Wow... 2018 is here already!!! I hope you all had a great break and had a festive time with families and friends. I am really happy to be teaching the PE at Elham and have begun the term with a bang! We are studying aspects of Dance this term and will be learning various dances and movements. Please encourage your children to show you at home.  


This week, on Wednesday 10th January we will be taking part in a Tag Rugby Tournament over at the Rugby Club. We hope to be successful as a team but most importantly, we hope to have fun! I will let you know how we get on next week. 


On Monday 17th January, we have a lady coming in to give us an experience of 'Boogie Bounce'. This is using trampettes with music. It all sounds very exciting. Watch this space for pictures...


Enjoy your week and try to encourage your children to be active and healthy. 


Until next week.

Mrs Everitt 

23rd January 

This term has been flying - we have been building our understanding of dance techniques and movements and creating our own routines. Please see the website for the routine choreographed by the year 6 children. They are incredible!


We are still awaiting the new date for the second part of the tag ruby tournament. But as things stand the results fixtures after one week show Elham in second place. We are all eager and excited to get back there and score some more tries for the team. 


We have booked in the diary an Olympic Roadshow due to take place in February. Chosen children will get the opportunity to try 4  different sports in a carousel of activities and experience some excellent coaching. We are very much looking forward to this. 


Please continue to encourage your children to be active and eat healthy - to eat and live like champs!


Speak soon

Mrs Everitt 

19th February 2018

Welcome back to Term 4. Another 6 weeks of action packed learning and great sessions of both POP LACROSSE and CIRCUITS. Due to the weather forecasts that we are currently getting, I have arranged to do Circuits when we have bad weather. The kids started today and all worked extremely hard to get their personal scores. They now have a score to try and beat the next time we attempt the various activities. 


POP LACROSSE - is an exciting competitive game that involves sticks and nets which are used to throw and catch a ball to their teammates to score into a small goal. We will be having an after-school club set up ready for Term 5. I hope to see lots of you there. Please make sure though for this term to have indoor and outdoor kit available every Tuesday. 


Future events

 We will be having a Football league starting in March for Years 5 and 6 which we hope to take a team to. So dust off those football boots and get practising. 


I am looking forward to this term and enjoying the sporting talents that we hold here in all your children. 


Mrs Everitt

12th March 2018

We have been working our bodies to the max in our PE lessons, pushing ourselves to create personal bests in various activities such as the squat challenge, the sit up challenge and the catch challenge. There were more but everyone in the school took part in this circuit training session and created their own scores to try and beat on another day. Well done to all the children who were able to complete these.


Last week we undertook our Intra School challenge: the javelin. Each child had 3 attempts to throw the javelin as far as possible. The distance was measured and recorded. The winners of each year group (1 boy, 1 girl) will win a medal, as well as a KS1 and KS2 winner. These will be announced in the last assembly of the term. We will complete a new challenge for Term 5.


For the last 3 weeks of term, we will be having a go at a new sport - POP LACROSSE. It is great fun, and full of energy. I hope the children enjoy it as much as I do. So please remember to bring in appropriate clothing on Tuesdays to wear for this. 


Please continue to support your child in their healthy living by helping them be as active as possible. There are many brilliant sports clubs in our local areas; all of which are always looking for new people to join. If you want any further information about any of these please let me know.


Have a great rest of the week. 


Mrs Everitt