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Term 1

Welcome to Beech Class

Beech Class are our Year 4 and Year 5 class.  Their teacher is Miss Burgess.


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Term 1- week 7


Beech class have had a fantastic and creative week during book week! We had lots of fun with Ian from KIC theatre who helped us perform our ‘write-a-rap rap’ poem and transform it into an Egyptian themed rap! Miss Burgess was astounded by our brilliant acting skills and how quickly we learned our parts of the poem off by heart!


We also had a mesmerising workshop hearing one of the tales from the Book of Life! The musician’s skills were inspirational and we all had a good giggle! Don’t miss the video uploaded of their excellent musical talents!


Jane Philips, author of ‘The Clarendon Boys’, visited our class and told us all about the story behind the book and how to be a fantastic writer: practice is key!


We also had a visit from Folkestone library where we looked at different types of books we would be interested in and even had a sneak preview of one of the revolting rhymes! Don’t forget to visit during the half term!


We all performed our version of ‘write-a-rap rap’ as ‘write-an-Egyptian-rap’ in celebration assembly. Getting the audience to join in on the beat gave us the energy we needed to perform our parts and we were successful!


Don’t forget to look at our pictures and videos of this week below, including of our maths game: Roman numeral battleships. Following our work on coordinates and Roman numerals, we battled against each other in one of our maths lessons and the winners scored team points!


I hope you all have a fantastic and relaxing half term! Have fun!

Book week and maths games!

Tales from the Book of Life!

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KIC theatre visit!

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Term 1- week 5


Star of the week: Rory for always working hard in all aspects of his learning!

Merit badges: Joel for helping his peers during a maths lesson and Yasmin for coming up with some brilliant ideas in literacy!


This week, we have been focusing on persuasive writing by looking at our model text of a holiday advert to Egypt, identifying the features and innovating the text! We came up with some fantastic adverts for Elham School in our English books, where Miss Burgess has been very impressed with our writing!


It was our final week with Mr Hodgson who has been teaching us the skills of hockey. During our final lesson, we all participated in a hockey tournament! We all played extremely well putting our new skills to good use! Thank you to Mr Hodgson for some fantastic hockey lessons!


We have also been creating fact files on Tutankhamun, as part of our Ancient Egyptians topic. We were able to source information from the internet and books and present them as a colourful fact file ready for display! Watch out for our Tutankhamun display coming soon outside of our classroom!


Our homework this week to practice our times tables, following our week on long-multiplication and bus stop division. Our challenge is to time ourselves and repeat the activity again to see if we can beat our previous time! GOOD LUCK!



Term 1- week 4


Star of the week: Jacob for being exceptionally hard working this week despite being poorly, demonstrating one of our key values: perseverance. 

Merit badges: Ciara for always participating in class discussions and Lilly for excellent performances during PE!


Beech class have been hard at work in their final narrative week, exploring 'The Egyptian Cinderella'. This week has been invention week, therefore I have seen some wonderful and diverse approaches to the Cinderella story. We will revisit this story in 2 weeks time to write our hot tasks! Next week we will be moving onto persuasive writing.


On Friday during science, we looked very closely at the relationship between the gestation periods of different animals and the weight of the baby at birth. We predicted as a class that the animal with the longer gestation period would have the heaviest weight at birth. By comparing two different types of graphs, we noticed our prediction was wrong! We learned that it is ok to make predictions that are wrong because we learn from them! 


Our homework this week is to research how and why the Egyptian pyramids were built using different sources of information. 


Let's hope that the lovely weather continues! Have a great weekend!




Term 1- Week 3

Well done to Jake as our star of the week! He has worked extremely hard on his hand writing and is always asking questions to improve his understanding in lessons!


I would also like to say a big well done to the whole of Beech class for producing some beautiful prayer hands for the harvest festival service at the Methodist church! You were all very brave to stand in front of the whole school and parents sharing what you are thankful for. Thank you Timothy, Reka and Hannah for sharing your thoughtful harvest prayers. Keep a look out for our prayer wall as we will have these on display!


This week in our maths learning, we have been concentrating on adding and subtracting numbers, including decimals, using the column method. We have extra practice on subtracting decimals for our homework, involving worded questions which include money and distance problems. 


We have also been innovating the story of the Egyptian Cinderella during our literacy sessions, showing an improvement in our writing since the cold task at the beginning of the year. 


We also looked at why the Nile was so important to the Ancient Egyptians, studying the 3 seasons of farming and the methods they used to gather water and harvest their crops!




Term 1- Week 2

A big well done to Lily as our star of the week! She has demonstrated determination and hard work in her English lessons creating a character profile and setting description, based on our focus book 'The Egyptian Cinderella'!

Also a big well done to Rory and Poppy as our merit badge holders this week!


We have had a successful week during our PE sessions and we have not let the weather get the better of us! The first with Mrs Horton developing our handball skills and the second with Mr Hodgman showing us the basic skills of field hockey. Both sessions were thoroughly enjoyed by all, with tournaments fast approaching!


We produced some fantastic timelines based on historical events of the Ancient Egyptians. We were able to place dates in chronological order and understand what the terms BC and AD mean. Next week we will be focusing on the reasons behind why the earliest people settled by the Nile. 


We also had our very first fife lesson. Some of us have never tried playing a fife before and I was very impressed by the determination and perseverance shown by all!


The homework this week touches on our maths, focusing on counting on and back in number sequences and using our knowledge of place value to work out specific combinations of numbers. 








I would like to give you all a warm welcome to Beech class 2015/2016! I hope you have all had a fun and relaxing holiday and you are ready for your learning! I am sure you have lots of memories to share so if you have any holiday diaries prepared we would love to see them!


We have lots of exciting topics to cover in the autumn term! Following the talk4writing initiative embraced by the whole school, we will be exploring ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ in our English sessions alongside our Ancient Egyptians topic in the afternoons. In science we will be delving into our animals including humans topic, describing how humans grow from babies to old age and taking part in investigations involving the whole school, looking at the differences in height from younger children to older children (maybe even some of our adults)!


I very much look forward to starting a fantastic school year! See you all on Monday!


Miss Burgess