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Term 1

Welcome to Oak Class

Oak Class are our Year Six class and their teachers are Mrs Short and Mrs Godden.

Mrs Vincent works with them as their Teaching Assistant.

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Term 1 - Week Seven

A diary of the week, written by Dylan Connors

This week was Book Week which meant that every day a different person or group came in to do different activities with us.


Today in English we started a poem about Queen Elizabeth II. This is because she is now the longest reigning monarch ever in the UK. After lunch we then has a man from KIC Theatre come and do a drama class with us.


The morning started off with guided reading, then we slowly went into a literacy lesson in which we finished off our poems and got a chance to illustrate them. Then we had a maths lesson about ..... fractions! Then Tales from the Book of Life came in and told us a story and played many musical instruments. e.g. The violin, drums, the spoons, guitars, time whistles and more.


To start today we practised our performance poem 'Me and My Brother' by Michael Rosen, which we will recite in Celebration Assembly on Friday. We then had maths - more work on fractions. We then had Jane Phillips come in to talk to us about the book she has written - The Clarendon Boys. So ended our third day.


Instead of the usual literacy, in the morning we had a visit from Serita Solomon who is a Team GB hurdler. We did a sports circuit with her which consisted of spotty dogs, leg drives, push-ups and star jumps. Then, in R.E., we learnt about Passover and got to try some special foods they eat at that time.


Today was the last day of Book Week, which means we all got to dress up as our favourite character from a poem. We started off the morning with a spelling test, then finished our R.E. from yesterday. We then practised our performance poem again. Then we had some more maths. No, not more fractions, but percentages.  After that we had I.C,T. in which we took screenshots of our maths games and answered questions about them. Then a lady from Folkestone Library came in and talked to us about libraries and books. Then we had a special assembly in which we recited our performance poems. So ended our last week of term.



Term 1 - Week Six

Term One is almost over and it has just flown by. As usual we have been working very hard and learning lots.

In music this week, Mrs Hickman gave us a new challenge in learning the theme tune to 'Mission Impossible'. We hope it really is not 'mission impossible' to play it successfully!

We had to really use our brains in maths when we learnt to convert between metric and imperial measurements. Parents please do test us on this when baking, filling the car with petrol, or buying a pint in the pub!

Have you heard about the Jewish festival of 'Hanukkah'? It is their festival of light and they enjoy eating foods fried in oil such as potato latkes and donughts. Mr File has promised to cook us some potato latkes as they are one of his favourites. If you want to try them at home, here is a good recipe:

Next week is Book Week, with lots of exciting activities planned around the theme of poetry. We hope lots of parents will come to celebrate assembly to hear us recite our performance poem and see us all in our poetry-themed costumes. 

Hanukkah pictures

Term 1 - Week Five


Well, another fun-filled week has just flown by.  We have packed in so much including:

* Playing handball and hockey. It was our last session with Mr Hodgman, so we split into three teams and plays games against each other.

* Designing Mayan artworks with Mrs Vincent.

* Writing autobiographical recounts. Mrs Short was very impressed with the quality of our writing.

* Finishing the programming for our computer games. Next week we will share our games with each other and Mrs Godden will put links to them on this page.

* Becoming angles' experts in maths. We have an angles Crossumber to complete for homework this week.

* Writing down our sins and symbolically throwing them away into water as part of our lesson on Yom Kippur. (There are some pictures of us doing this below.)

* Enjoying our first session of Philosophy 4 Children where we asked questions about a mystery picture and explained why we agreed or disagreed with other people's opinions. We had a great discussion and you can see the picture below. If you want to know what it is, just ask any member of Oak Class.


So much excitement! Can next week get any busier? Check back next week to see.

Week five pictures

Term 1 - Week Four


This week we have been enjoying the wonderful weather, but we are watching the season gradually changing and becoming more autumnal. Mr File has been encouraging us to look at the trees each day and to note how their leaves are turning from green to brown.


As usual, we have been working hard and trying our best. Our efforts resulted in some super pieces of creative writing with which Mrs Short was very pleased. In maths we have been tackling angles - some of us are still finding protractors tricky to use, but we are practising hard with them.


Friday afternoon was fun as we had a special treat to celebrate Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish New Year. We enjoyed eating yummy honey cake and we dipped apples in honey to symbolise asking God to make the next year 'sweet' for us. Some of us thought apples with honey would be disgusting, but every last piece was eaten, so it cannot have been bad!


Congratulations to all those pupils who moved up a group in spelling this week. We hope a few more will do the same next week.


Happy weekend to everyone. See you all on Monday.

Term 1 - Week 3



After a nice weekend of rest, Oak class arrived fresh and ready to start a new week. Despite English and Maths we ended the day with our science lesson learning about light. Our task was to prove that the theory 'that light travelled in straight lines' was correct by producing an experiment with a torch, black card and sellotape. The theory was correct, light does travel in straight lines and doesn’t evade the blocking object.



We carried on with our daily tasks which consisted of Comprehension, Maths and English. During the afternoon we began our introduction of our topic the Mayans. If you don’t already who the Mayans were they were a race of people who originated in Central America from Neolithic period to the early 1600s. We found out what country most of them lived which was Guatemala, as well as listing things we were curious to know about.



Now for most of the week we have been doing the joy of assessments which eventually will mean good prep for the SATS in the forthcoming May, This included an Arithmetic, two maths papers, a SPAG test and an English Comprehension test which we began the day with. It also happened to be my eleventh birthday so I know they planned it just for me!!! That was the basic format of Wednesday.



Thursday began with daily tasks (and a difficult Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling assessment) and our music lesson Fife. If you don’t already know what a fife is, it is a small plastic flute. Shortly after that we had our hockey lesson with a professional hockey coach. All in all Thursday was a decent day at school!



We began the day with work on 2-D shapes in maths, then had fun improving our maths quizzes in Scratch. We learnt how to add a variable, which is something which allows us to show the player their score. Friday ended with our Harvest Festival at the Methodist Church, where each class shared their harvest pictures, poems and prayers.  We really enjoyed helping Acorns, Hazels and Willows to walk safely to and from the church. There’s a picture of below with some of the food everyone kindly donated – it will all be going to the Rainbow Centre in Folkestone to help people less fortunate than ourselves.


Phew! It’s been a busy week, but we will all be ready to start again on Monday morning.


Contributed by Leo Carroll            

Oak Class with Harvest Festival contributions for the Rainbow Centre.

Oak Class with Harvest Festival contributions for the Rainbow Centre. 1

Term 1 - Week 2

Despite the weather, we have  enjoyed two PE sessions this week, the second of which was with Mr Hodgman from the Shepway Sports Trust. He will be helping us improve our hockey skills over the next few weeks, with a view to not only winning the Shepway tournament this year,  but aiming to be the victors at county level too!  Below you will find a few photos of us in action.


We have also been designing our own book front covers - look out for them on display in the hall soon. Mrs Hickman began our fife lessons on Thursday and was very impressed with how much we had remembered from last term. Our computer games are coming on very well too. We have big plans for them and hope that Mrs Godden can help us achieve them!


Our spelling homework this week is a word search and crossword featuring some of the key spellings on our lists, and Mrs Godden is looking forward to seeing how good we are at word puzzles. She was very impressed with our RE posters - perhaps we may find that some of us have Gold Awards for them next week?


Congratulations to Selina and Owen for being this week's Merit Badge winners.


Oak Class in Action!

Term 1-Week 1

Well, this week has just flown by, but it has been a very busy and productive first week! Everyone has settled well into their new roles as 'top of the school', and despite the stress of the dreaded Kent Test, we have had some fun as well. The children have especially enjoyed using the laptops in class, whether it was finding out facts about the Jewish Menorah, or researching ideas for an educational computer game.  Having put down our ideas on paper, we will begin programming next week - so look out for some of our games on here towards the end of term.  If any children wish to look at some ready-made games, or have a go at coding for themselves, go to:




We hope you have all had a restful summer and feel refreshed ready for the year ahead. We are very excited about the new academic year and we have lots of great learning planned! The whole team is looking forward to seeing you on Monday 7th September.

Mrs Short, Mrs Godden and Mrs Vincent