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Term 1

Welcome to Hazel Class

Hazel Class is our Year One class and their teacher is Ms Shepherd.




Picture 1 Hazel Class in their book corner!


For year 1 the highlight of book week was coming to school dressed up as various characters from poems.  Some wonderful poems were also brought in and read out.  We had jam tarts made specially by the Queen of Hearts and her mum too.  Here are some photos of your fabulous costumes.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Take a look at these pictures. They are all close-ups of us. Can you work out who is who?


Every day we do Guided Reading after the register has been taken.  Sometimes we read with Ms Shepherd.  When we are not reading with Ms Shepherd we do different activities.  These are all connected to what we are learning about in our English lessons.  This term we have been practising putting the letters of the alphabet in order and reading stories based on the theme of losing something special.  We read books in the book corner and put any special words we find in the magpie nest.  We also go to the prayer corner and read our class prayer book, which is full of prayers written by us.  The prayer corner is also a reflection area where we can work on a task which helps us understand the Christian values of the school.  There are six of them.  Do you know what they are?


Merit badges to:

Felix Cavell - for excellent listening during Guided Reading.

Joanna Hayes - For great participation on the carpet.


This week we have been continuing to look at money - now we know different ways of making 5p, 10p and 20p and we have learnt about paper money too.  In English we drew our first story maps and are now in the middle of writing up our stories.  Every day we practise our handwriting and phonics knowledge and are trying hard to improve our spellings.  This week our spelling test results were really good.  

We are continuing to compare our two villages in England and New Zealand - this week we had a look at the seasons and discovered that when it is winter in England it is summer in New Zealand, and when it is autumn in England it is spring in New Zealand.

In PE we are working on our ball skills : learning how to pass, tackle and shoot - all with our hands!  Have a look at the photos.

Merit badges to:

Amelie Norman and Oscar Newall - for really good work on your spellings.


This week we started to look at money, specifically 1p and 2p coins.  The children found it difficult to distinguish between £1 and 1p.  Please let them rummage through your purses to familiarise themselves with all coins.

We have some lovely volunteers who listen to us read, so we are now getting lots more practice.  There is even a dog who listens to us, called Bertie!  Oh, and some of us have surprised Ms Shepherd by joining up our letters!  We have learned two words that refer to letter formation: ascenders and descenders - ask us to see if we remember!

Finally, a very happy birthday to Joe and thanks to his mum for the delicious cupcakes.

Merit badges to:

Scarlett Newing - for always being attentive and on task.

Beau Shipston- for his great sense of humour in lesson time.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9


This week has been a little sad because we have had to say goodbye to Caleb.  Good luck with the move Caleb.  Do stay in touch by looking at the website and let us know how you are getting on!

Goodbye Caleb!

Goodbye Caleb! 1
Some of you brought in your teddies to help you visualise your stories better this week.  We also used them when we were learning ordinal numbers.  Ordinal numbers are useful when we talk about the date or when we want to say who came where in a race.  We need to know these up to 20 (twentieth).  Some of us found them tricky to say, so please would parents help by getting children to chant them, order things using the key words, etc.  You could do what we did: line up all your teddies and put them in front of an imaginary bus stop and say who is first, second, etc in the queue!  
Picture 1


This week in English we have learnt a short version of the story Dogger off by heart.  It's all about a little boy who loses his favourite soft toy.  We are going to bring in our own soft toys  next week so that we can adapt the story and write about ourselves losing something.

We had a spelling quiz on Friday and no one got less than four out of five right!  Well done!

In maths we are now able to say one more and one less than a given number.  Some of us can manage numbers all the way up to 100.  You can help us by asking us questions like 'what's one less than 20?'  We have also been ordering numbers, sometimes starting with the smallest, sometimes starting with the greatest.

We played with a blow up map of the world and found out that New Zealand is the other side of the world.  We are going to compare Elham with a tiny village in New Zealand called Makata.


Scarlett leads the children as they read the story of Dogger.

Scarlett leads the children as they read the story of Dogger. 1
Scarlett leads the children as they read the story of Dogger. 2

And this is the children in action!

Still image for this video

Merit badges to:

Eddie Skinner - for enthusiasm and really good concentration.

Jasper Carrell - for great participation in all the tasks he is given to do.

Term 1- Week 1

We have written about our holidays and learnt how to be good listeners.

We have written about our holidays and learnt how to be good listeners. 1
We have written about our holidays and learnt how to be good listeners. 2
Picture 1 This is our new classroom.

Merit badges to:

​Joe Wilson - for great listening and taking part in everything.

Caleb Jones - for wonderful manners and excellent behaviour in class.

Welcome to Hazel Class.


At the end of last term Ms Shepherd invited Hazel Class to a teddy bears' picnic.  We met in our new classroom and introduced ourselves and our teddies to Ms Shepherd.  Then we drew pictures of ourselves and our teddies on postcards and wrote to our parents on the back of them.  After that we went outside and had our picnic - we finished every scrap of food!  

Ms Shepherd sent our postcards to our families - we hope that everyone received your card.

If you come into our class you will be able to see more pictures of us and our picnic!