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Term 1

Welcome to Willow Class

Willow Class is our Year Two class and their teacher is Mrs Ferguson.

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Term 1

Week ending 23.10.15

What an inspirational week we have had!

We learned to recite and put actions to the poem, 'The Owl and the Pussycat' by Edward Lear, which we performed at Friday's Celebration assembly; the children spoke clearly and confidently, performing their actions in unison. They were brilliant!!

We had started the week with Ian Crosher from KIC theatre: he gave us lots of dramatic ideas on how we should act out the poem. 




On Tuesday we were visited by 'Tales from the Book of Life': they entertained us with stories, puppets and songs. The children produced some lovely recounts of the morning, using time-connectives.




The next morning we were very fortunate to have a local author - Jane Buss (Philips), who is Jacob, Joanna and Julian's grandma, reading her latest story about Keiler, the cathedral cat.  She challenged us to help her think of an exciting ending to her story: we will definitely have a go at the beginning of next term!  On Thursday, we had an extra bonus to the week: Serita Solomon, a champion hurdler and Olympic hopeful, came and helped the children do exercises. It was wonderful to see someone so dedicated, who embodied our school values, especially 'perseverance', who could relate to the children and inspire them.






Finally, a frequent visitor to Elham, Aisha from Folkestone Library, reminded the class about our amazing library service. Did you know you can borrow up to 30 books at a time and that they only charge 2p a day if a book is overdue?





During the week after school we had the Scholastic Book Fair, which was expertly organised by Mrs. Risby, Mrs Clayton and their army of magnificent mums! This was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all!  In Friday's Assembly everyone dressed up as a favourite character from a poem. We had many 'beautiful' pussycats with boats, an 'elegant' owl with honey and money, two wonderful cows complete with wooden spoons and sound effects, a witch and a cowboy. What more could you ask for to finish off the term? 






Competition winners for a poem about the Queen for KS2 and Year 2 or a picture for Foundation/ Year 1 were announced in assembly: the standard was exceptionally high and it was very difficult to make a decision. The winner in Willows for a sensational simile poem was Naomi!

Do not forget this year's Readathon in aid of three charities for seriously ill children.  Please bring sponsor forms back to school, the first week of next term.


Have a lovely restful half term, with plenty of reading!

Term 1

Week ending 16.10.15

The first entries for Willow Class seed Competition have arrived and are stunning!

We are very proud that Freya and Theo won the under 7 Conker Bash Tournament.

We have had great fun measuring using non-standard units and making our own Maurice the Metre Men!






Star of the Week is Ella for super questions and discussion technique during our P4C ( Philosophy for Children).

We have started practising songs for our Nativity Show - sorry Mums and Dads, Christmas is on the way!

What have we learned this week?

'I learned to use time-connectives to move my story on in time.'

'I learned to make my writing smaller.' (With the help of 'fairy dust!).

'I can say which things are longer than a metre, shorter than a metre or the same as a metre.'

'I learned the 'oo', 'u' sound.'

'I was a scientist and input my data into a table to find out which exercise made us the most puffed out.'

'I learned that a noun is a name of something.'

Term 1

Week ending 9.10.15

We love looking at patterns and the children noticed that Monday's date was palindromic! 5.10.15. Also it was counting in fives, and 5+10=15 and backwards 15-10=5.  What clever children!

Star of the week: Theo for really speeding up and producing good quality learning.

We have been innovating in our Talk4Writing this week (The Little Red Hen has become The Little White Owl) and learning about money in maths. We tried some P4C and loved asking questions about the picture.


What have you learned this week?

'I learned how to make different amounts of money'

'I learned how to write a pound sign and the wall (decimal point)to separate the pennies.'

'I learned another parable of Jesus - The Lost Coin.'

'I learned how to pass to my partner in Handball.'

'I learned the 'igh' sound with 'The Polite Knight.'


Term 1 Week 4

Week ending 2.10.15

This week we welcomed Rev. Kate into school for our Harvest Festival celebration. The children excelled themselves reading their Harvest Acrostic Poems and we had a very enjoyable service.

What have we been learning this week?

'I have learned the 'oo' sound.'

'I have learned to take-away ten.'

'I made a portrait of the Queen!'

'I have learned how to make a frame for my portrait.'


Star of the Week: Esme for her great attitude towards her learning!


We are pleased to announce Willow's Seed Competition:


Willow – Seed Competition


We are holding our annual Seed Competition in Willow Class.


This year to celebrate our Queen becoming the longest reigning British monarch, we are asking the children to make a collage out of seeds and /or berries to illustrate this incredible feat. Look for seeds in the garden and hedgerows or even in packets in the kitchen! Try to find different sizes, textures and colours.

Prizes will be awarded for the most attractive and original designs.


We started our seed hunt by conker hunting in the school gardens.





We will write a letter to Her Majesty, The Queen, explaining what we have done and include photos of the winning collages.

Have fun!


The closing date for entries is Friday, 23rd October 2015.

Term 1 Week 3

Week ending 25.9.15

On Friday we were very excited to perform our Harvest Acrostic poems in the Method Church for our school Harvest Festival celebration. We had worked on the poems in groups and then rehearsed reading them out loud together.  It was lovely to see so many parents and friends in the church and despite being nervous the children performed very well, earning a marble for the jar! The poems are now on display in the classroom.

What have we learned this week?

'I learned that my number bonds to 10 can help me with my number bonds to 100.'

'I learned how to do an acrostic poem.'

'I learned the story of @The Little Red Hen.'

'I can add 10 to a number.'

'I got my spellings right!'

'I'm doing Big Bear spellings because I have got my spellings right three weeks in a row!'

'Star of the Week': Zara, for an excellent effort in her learning.

Term 1- Week 2

Week ending 18th September 2015:

'Star of the Week' : Lucas for his enthusiastic approach to his learning and sitting beautifully on the mat!

What did you learn this week?

' I can put my numbers into tens and units.'

'I can put my numbers into hundreds, tens and units.'

'I can put my numbers into thousands, hundreds, tens and units.' ( Lucas!)

' I know the names for different types of food.'

'We made acrostic poems.'

'I learned the 'oa' sound'


Term 1- Week 1

Week ending 11th September 2015:

We had a lovely week settling into Willow's routines.  What a super class!

'Star of the Week': Naomi for excellent attitude towards her work and being very helpful!

The children were asked what they had learned this week.

'I can add using Unifix, making tens and units.'

'I found out that sugar, fat and salt are not good for you.'

'I can hold my pencil correctly.'


Dear Parents,

Below is a guide to what your child will be learning in Willow Class this term.  If you have any queries, please contact me.



We will be learning to read and spell words with long vowel digraphs, i.e.: ‘ee’, ‘ea’, ‘oa’,  ‘o-e’, ‘ow’, ‘ai,’ a-e’, ‘ay’, ‘ie’, ‘igh’, ‘y’, ‘oo’, ‘u-e’, ‘ew’, ‘ue’, ‘oo’ (as in good).  At the beginning of each week the children will be given spellings to learn, these will be sent home on Friday and tested the following   Friday.  We will be investigating the use of capital letters, commas and exclamation marks and using them in our writing.  We will also try to make our writing more interesting by using connectives, such as suddenly, unfortunately, luckily, etc.  Our text work will be based on fiction and poetry, with familiar settings and we will use non-fiction to look at instructions.  Good letter formation is a priority, with Year 2 children practising a cursive style.  Children are invited to take home a home reading book as often as they wish- please fill in the title and date in their home reading book, together with any comments about their reading.  Mrs. Vincent helps them to change their library book on Thursdays. The children are invited to take Bouncer Bunny and his cousin Betsy, for a sleepover:  they record what the bunnies do at home, in Bouncer Bunny’s Diary. They may also take Willow Bear home for a weekend visit.




Children are becoming familiar with reading and writing numbers over 100.  They will count on in ones, twos, fives and tens.  They will practise recording in number sentences, using +, -, =, x and division.  They will learn to recall pairs of numbers that total 10 and 20 and addition doubles to at least 10+10, together with corresponding halves. Year 2 children will become familiar with multiplication facts of the 10x, 5x and 2x tables and deduce corresponding division facts.  They will recognise odd and even numbers.  We will also be looking at: length, 2D and 3D shapes, time, money and position and the associated vocabulary.  We will recognise halves, quarters and thirds and investigate maths problems and puzzles.  We will look at ways of handling data, including tables, bar charts and Venn diagrams.



We shall be studying ‘Animals, including Humans’, finding out about their needs and how they grow.



Our topic is Famous Events- we shall be finding out about Remembrance Day.



We are comparing a village in another country with Elham.



This term we are studying Christianity and the parables of Jesus.  We will be making a book of the Christmas story, linking with our Nativity play.



We will learn to use a word processor to improve the presentation of our work.  This will include saving and loading work, editing and printing; we will use a variety of programs throughout the curriculum and produce artwork. ICT is used on a daily basis in Literacy and Numeracy, and where appropriate, in other areas of the curriculum




We will learn ball skills and develop these into playing handball.  P.E. is on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please wear suitable plimsolls or trainers and bring a cosy top and trousers or a tracksuit to wear.



We shall investigate the sounds we can make, loud and soft, short and long, fast and slow and rhythm.  This will develop into using percussion instruments to compose and perform music. We will be practising singing songs for the Nativity play.



We are investigating making different marks on paper and colour mixing.  We will develop this into studying portrait painting and sculpture.  In the second half of the term we shall be designing and making pop-up cards for Christmas.


Thank you very much to all the parents and friends of Elham School, who give up their precious time to help in Willow Class:  your contribution is very highly valued.  If anyone feels they can help with any area of the curriculum we would be delighted to hear from you!


Yours faithfully,

Genevieve Ferguson

September 2015

Welcome to Willows


Welcome back to school Willows!

I hope you have had a fun-packed, relaxing holiday and you are ready for exciting opportunities to continue your learning journey this autumn.

If you have holiday diaries or photos you would like to share with the class, please bring them in - we would love to see them!

We have many things to look forward to this term, for example our Science project 'Animals including Humans', where we will look at animals and their young  (hopefully having some real babies and toddlers in to visit us) ;our Book Week, with the Scholastic Book Fair and in the second half of the term our Nativity Play.

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Best wishes,

Mrs. Ferguson