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Term 1

Welcome to Silver Birch Class

Silver Birch Class are our Year Three and Year Four class.  They are taught by Mrs Hall and Mrs Everitt.

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On Thursday we were extremely lucky to have a  visit from a GB hurdler, Serita Solomon. The whole school did circuit training first thing, and then Serita gave a presentation. She was very inspirational and encouraged us to follow our dreams, and never give up.
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On Tuesday we had the Story from the Book of Life visit.  They played lots of different instruments and told a story of how the crab got its shell. 
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KiC Theatre came to visit today and we had a great time being Ancient Egyptians and acting out our Poem 'Melvin the Mummy'.

KiC Theatre came to visit today and we had a great time being Ancient Egyptians and acting out our Poem 'Melvin the Mummy'. 1
KiC Theatre came to visit today and we had a great time being Ancient Egyptians and acting out our Poem 'Melvin the Mummy'. 2
KiC Theatre came to visit today and we had a great time being Ancient Egyptians and acting out our Poem 'Melvin the Mummy'. 3
KiC Theatre came to visit today and we had a great time being Ancient Egyptians and acting out our Poem 'Melvin the Mummy'. 4

Term 1 - Week 6

This week we have been working on Haiku poems (poems that have a pattern of syllables). Can you remember the number of syllables for each line? As well as these, we have looked at Tanka poems (another form of syllable poem). It has been really fun - we are looking forward to learning some more. We have been learning about doubling and halving in our Maths lessons. In our other maths lessons we have been investigating shape (both 2D and 3D). Can you describe the properties of shape? 

In Topic, we have been learning how and why Pyramids were built. We researched about the Great Pyramid. It was very interesting. In Science this week, we investigated the changes a human goes through when they become elderly.


It has been a very busy week with lots of children earning Gold Awards, team points and table points. Everybody has been working so hard to do their best in their learning. Well done Silverbirch!!!

On Tuesday we wrote some Haiku poems about the seasons. Count the number of syllables in each line.

Term 1 - Week 5

This week we have been investigating what a Suffix is and the different suffixes we use in words. Can you remember what a suffix is? The children have also begun their learning about verbs and how we can substitute our verbs for POWERFUL VERBS. What are these? Can you tell someone in your family a powerful verb for 'said'? We will be continuing with our learning of verbs next week. The class had a lot of fun investigating in Science - looking at the effects height can have on our arm span. If you were tall did this mean your arm span was big? In Maths, we have introduced the unit of 2D shapes and the children have been great with naming these. We are now progressing into describing their properties and classifying these by using Venn Diagrams. Can you remember what a Venn Diagram is? Explain or even better, can you draw one for someone in your family? 

It has been yet another fantastic week of learning and we will continue to push ourselves further next week. See you then!

Term 1 - week 4

This week has been full of learning and laughter. We have continued to progress with Place Value and have enjoyed playing games against a partner trying to create larger or smaller numbers, and adding more extensive rules as we continued. We have introduced a new term to our vocabulary - Prefix. Can you remember what this is? Why don't you see if you can find some example words at home with prefixes in.  In Science we have furthered our understanding of how we develop as humans from birth through childhood and have compared ourselves to other animals to understand the differences. We have enjoyed a good week and hope to bring more smiles to a new week. Lots more learning to be done! See you then!

Term 1 - Week 3

This week we have worked really hard on Column Addition and remembering our Th,H,T, and U's.(Can you remember what these mean?) We will be continuing to work extra hard on this area of maths and will extend our learning to adding 3 digit numbers and more. Our class has also been practicing the re-telling of 'The Egyptian Cinderella'. Please ask us to perform this for you at home. We know all the actions really well. From this we were able to make our own story maps. In Science we have been learning about the gestation of different animals including humans. It was very interesting.

This afternoon is our Harvest Festival in Church, and we are all very excited because we are singing a song that we have created about Egyptian harvest. We hope those of you who attend enjoy it. 

We are all looking forward to a new school week and will bring our smiles with us! See you then.

Harvest Song

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Term 1- Week 2

The children have all settled in now and are really focusing on their attitude towards their learning.  

This week we have started our Egyptian Cinderella text.  Please ask the children to tell the story to you; make sure they include the actions that we have all learnt for this!

In Maths, children are learning different ways of adding, both mentally and written, and are becoming more secure with using place value.

On Thursday, the children began their recorder sessions with Mrs Hickman; very loud, but all quite in time with each other.

Don't forget the homework that is due in on a Wednesday, and thank you to those that have already done this, and the support that's been given to the children.

Enjoy the new week, and see you all soon.

Term 1- Week 1

Thank you to all the children for making our first week back so enjoyable.  I feel lucky to have such a lovely class, and feel very excited for all the fun we have ahead of us.

We participated in some 'Getting to know each other' activities on Monday.

During the rest of the week the children were introduced to their different topics in each area of learning.  They have already written their Cold Task, ready for our first Literacy unit; 'Egyptian Cinderella.'  I must say I am very impressed with the children's level of writing already!

Please join us Tuesday afternoon after school for a 'Meet the Teacher' event.  Mrs Everitt will be joining us, so it will be nice to meet you all and for you to see the class' teachers together.

I will be asking children to write up a little blog about what we have been doing each week, and I will try my best to remember to take lots of photos to share with you.,

I hope you all have a lovely second week back,

Mrs Hall.

Welcome back to Elham Primary, and the start of the year in Silver Birch class 2015-2016.  We have lots of exciting learning opportunities planned for the year ahead. 


This term we will be studying the Ancient Egyptians, which will be the theme across many of the subjects.    We already have a super trip planned for November, in which details will follow.  In Science we begin the year looking at Animals, including Humans, and then moving on to the topic of Light.  We will be continuing with Talk 4 Writing in our English lessons, and expanding our use of computing across the curriculum.


We really look forward to meeting with you all and spending a successful and fun year together. 


See you all on Monday morning,


Mrs Hall, Mrs Everitt and Mrs Glass.