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Term 2

Term 2 week 7



Term2 Week 6

This is the story the children have been learning.  Below you will see the story map and next to it the boxed up version.  Can the children read the story to you?  Can they explain how the story has been boxed up?  We will continue to use this story next term, but hopefully the theme will no longer be Christmas!

Picture 1
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Term 2 Week 5

Some of us have been learning to play the ukulele.  It's not nearly as easy as we thought it would be, but we're going to persevere...


Term 2 week 4

Christmas preparations are upon us!  We have been reading a book about a boy called Harvey, who lives far, far away.   On Christmas Eve Father Christmas gets home and discovers he has forgotten to deliver Harvey's present, so he sets off on a long journey to deliver the present in time for Christmas Day.  Lots of people help him on the way and Harvey gets his Christmas present.  The children have all attempted their Cold Task - a story about a Christmas journey.  They have also wrapped up Christmas presents from Father Christmas and these parcels will serve as a stimulus for more story writing.



Term 2 week 3

The children had their first taste of place value in Maths this week.  They learned about tens and ones (units) and how two digit numbers are composed of tens and ones- These are the photographs they will find in their maths books on Monday morning.. They should be able to read the numbers to you, tell you what the little blue sticks are and how many there should be in each number.  Ask them why there are no little yellow cubes next to the blue sticks!  

The last four photos show children making 'teen' numbers with unifix cubes.  Can the children tell you what teen numbers are?



Merit badges to:

Elliot Cowling- for outstanding sentence writing.

Joe Wilson - for amazing rope climbing.

Term 2 week 2

We have had an event packed week, and things promise to get busier as we approach Christmas.  Rehearsals for the nativity play are well underway.  The children's voices are amazing - such sweet music echoes from the hall on the days they practise.  You will be receiving a letter early in week 3 telling you if you need to provide anything for their costumes.

We celebrated Remembrance Day with a two minutes' silence.  Well done to those of you who managed to keep the silence and behave so respectfully.  You set a great example.

Then the fun part: Hazel Class was full of superheroes on Friday.  The children had all designed superhero masks in preparation for this, but many did not need to wear them as they had their own superhero masks!


In maths this week we have been exploring shape and position.  The two photographs below show pages from one of our practice books.  They show the 2D shapes the children need to know in year 1 and the positional vocabulary they should be familiar with.  Feel free to work with your child on these two pages.

Merit badges to:

This week the teachers were awarded merit badges!


Term 2 week 1

This week we have been measuring.  We have learnt the difference between an estimate and a measurement and compared the two.  We have discovered that our estimates can be quite accurate.  We also learnt how to record our results on tables.  This was quite tricky, but we persevered.  Take a look at the pictures of us measuring.