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Term 2

Term 2- Week 5


A big thank you to all the children that volunteered to help with the Christmas fair on Friday. It seemed our customers were very entertained and we had a good giggle blind-folding them for pin the nose on the snowman and draw the best snowman. 


Beech class had a fantastic afternoon on Tuesday! Mr and Mrs Sharp volunteered to teach the children of Beech and Silver-Birch all about mummification. We all took on a hands on approach, extracting the organs from a pretend body (all made from jelly) and preparing the body for a funeral! From making amulets from clay to making the canopic jars for the organs, the afternoon was an absolute success! We thank Mr and Mrs Sharp for all their hard work in preparing for the afternoon and the children really enjoyed themselves! Photos to come very soon! 


We have had another tough week on multiplying fractions, including whole and mixed numbers. The children are showing more of an understanding of fractions and it goes to show that practice makes perfect! 


In our English learning, we have started our instructions topic. The children had a very entertaining (yet mind blowing) lesson, following instructions on how to play sevens and cheat using playing cards. However, one of the instructions was very good, whilst the other was not very helpful to the players. We compared the two and discovered what makes a good set of instructions and how the other could have been improved.


Term 2- Week 4


Well done to our star of the week Lilly for working extra hard in maths to get more work done! It is really paying off!


At the beginning of the week, alongside Oak class, we visited the Quarterhouse for the Folkestone Book Festival. We had the opportunity of meeting the author of the ‘Murderous Maths’ books, Kjartan Poskitt. He put on a fantastic and very comical demonstration of different maths activities; it was almost like magic! Some of us even volunteered to take part in some of the demonstrations, including the poison chocolate game!


At the end of the week, the children put on a fantastic display of what they have been learning in their music lessons, including the song learned with Mr Ansell and playing alongside Oak class on the fife to Wallace and Gromit! It was a successful performance and they should all be very proud of themselves!


Alongside the Talk4Writing initiative, the children are on the final stage of studying ‘The Prince and the Sphinx’ by inventing their own myth. We discussed the reasons behind why myths were told and decided whether our myths were going to be a moral story or explaining something. Jessica’s was absolutely amazing! She explained how the elephant got it’s trunk from a crocodile snapping at its little nose and pulling so hard, it stretched and stretched! Next week, we will be moving onto our non-fiction topic: instructions.


In our maths learning, we have continued our work on fractions. We have looked specifically at converting improper fractions (top heavy) to mixed numbers and vice versa. We have also looked at adding fractions with the same and different denominators.


The homework this week is to practice what we have learned about fractions by subtracting them.

Term 2- Week 3


Well done to our merit badge holders this week: Grace for showing improvements in her writing and Rosie for continually working hard in all her learning!

Another big well done to Oscar, our star of the week, for an amazing attitude towards all his learning recently! Keep it up!


We all persevered in our maths learning, as we started to look at fractions. We understood that it is really important to know our times tables as we looked at equivalent fractions and comparing or ordering fractions by finding a common denominator. Can you remember the difference between the numerator and the denominator?


We wrote some lovely innovated extracts of 'The Prince and the Sphinx'. We are really taking on board our learning in GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling), by using fronted adverbials, parenthesis and different kinds of punctuation including colons and semi-colons. Phew! What a week in our English learning!


During our topic, we looked at how the Ancient Egyptians treated their dead, through the process of mummification. Some of us were absolutely horrified! We were all able to order the process in our books by drawing a cartoon strip!


We also continued our work on light; exploring the process of how we see. We discovered through our previous learning, that the light travels in a straight line from the light source, hits and object, the light reflects from the object and into a receptor (the eyes). We were able to show our understanding of this through diagrams (making sure we used a ruler to show that light travels in a straight line).  


Homework this week is to practice finding equivalent fractions by finding the missing numerator or denominator! 


Kent Life Egyptian Day!

Homework week 2

Term 2- Week 2


Well done to our star of the week Rosie for excellent effort in all her learning, especially maths! She is really showing improvements!


Beech class had a fantastic day out to Kent Life on Tuesday, where the staff put on an Egyptian themed day! We were taken from workshop to workshop, exploring the different types of pyramids, what Egyptians wore, how they lived and how they mummified the bodies (gruesome)! Miss Burgess was very impressed with some of our costumes: great effort! Don't forget to check out some of our pictures on this page!


We also started our light topic this week! On Friday, we talked about what makes a light source and explored natural and man-made light sources. We looked at an example of cat's eyes and decided they are not a source of light because they reflect light. These helped design the cat's eyes on our roads. See if you can see any whilst being driven at night!


In our maths this week, we looked at square and cube numbers. It really helped us to practice long-multiplication, especially with bigger numbers! We also had a problem solving session, finding different combinations of 2,4 and 8 to find 24. How many combinations do you think you can find?


Homework this week is to create a character profile about a person we think is a hero alongside our Children in Need super hero day! Some of us dressed as our heroes for the day!


What a great week we have had! Have a lovely weekend!



Term 2- Week 1


A big well done to our merit badge holders this week: Lily for a fantastic retelling of the story of 'The Prince and the Sphinx' using only her story map and Jessica for excellent contributions during class discussions; it pays off to put your hand up!


This week during our literacy learning, we were introduced to the myth 'The Prince and the Sphinx'. We became familiar with the story by creating actions to each section and created story maps in order to retell it without using the text, therefore memorising some of the fantastic vocabulary it uses.


We were also introduced to the world of prime numbers! We were able to identify prime numbers on a hundreds square and know the opposite of a prime number: a composite number. Can you remember what prime numbers are?


We are all very looking forward to next Tuesday where, alongside Silver-Birch class, we will be going to the Kent Life Centre for an exciting Egyptian themed day full of action-packed workshops! Don't forget to get your Egyptian costumes!


Homework this week is to practice our knowledge of prime numbers by finding a trail of numbers from the pirate ship to treasure island, only using prime numbers. Don't forget to learn your spellings for next Friday's test and aim to read with an adult for at least 10 minutes a day!