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Term 2

Term Two - Week 3

By Lucy Ann Harrison



On Monday we had a numeracy lesson. We were finding the volume of cuboids. To find volume you have to times the length by the width by the height, for example:

9 x 9 x 1 = 81cm3

This process is called cubing, timesing the numbers three times.



We have topic on a Tuesday. We were looking at the Mayan number system. The Mayans used objects in their surroundings to stand for numbers:

Pebble = 1

Twig = 5

Shell = 0

Twig + pebble = 6                                                                                          

5 + 1 = 6




PE lessons on a Wednesday!! The sport we are doing this term is hockey. We were practising our dribbling skills and we then had a match at the end. EGXAUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




On Thursday we had music lessons with Mrs Hickman. The song that we are doing is a secret – you’ll have to come to our assembly to find out!




End of the week – I'm exhausted! We had a supply teacher in today – Mrs Hockey (No, Not the game!)

All in all, an EPIC week



Term 2 - Week Two

Written by Selina Mowl



This week in maths we have been learning how to find the area and perimeter of shapes such as quadrilaterals and L blocks. We have also learnt how to calculate missing measurements on shapes.



In literacy we have been learning about balanced arguments. We have all written a introduction , for paragraph and an against paragraph for the topic, Should school uniform  be banned?



In RE this week we have started a section on Christianity. We are starting to make a poster on Publisher about the Bible.



On Wednesday Mr File came in and did a art session with us all. We started to create a Superhero mask.



We learnt about mirrors in Science this week. We did some fun mirror experiments.



We have learnt about the Mayan number system in our lesson. It can sometimes be complicated but it is great fun. The names of their numbers are Stick, Stone and Shell.


Children In Need Day!

On Friday we all dressed up as Superheroes, our personal hero or wore our own clothes to school. Our school raised just over £100.

We raised money for Children In Need

We raised money for Children In Need 1

Term 2 - Week One

Written by Henry Warren



In science our topic is “light”. We were studying the human eye. It was very interesting, we found out about the different parts of the eye. I will show you a video about it.


The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

We (a.k.a the year 6 pupils) kindly went round the school selling the poppies to all the other classes. The snap rulers were sold  out on the third day – they were very popular. We hope that we have raised lots of money for this good cause. We also went to the War Memorial to remember all those who died in the First and Second World War. We each laid crosses and some people read their poems and prayers. Some parents attended, but apparently less and less people come each year so please come next year!


 Mr Shackleton came in to give us the story of his life in the Second World War. He was a pilot in the R.A.F (if you don’t know this is the Royal British Airforce.) He flew in a Lancaster bomber. His plane was shot down on one of their raids but luckily he landed in a tree in Germany. He quotes that he has been” lucky all his life.” We really enjoyed listening to him. I am sure that we all appreciated it. Most schools don’t have a Second World War bomber crew member come to speak to them about their experiences; we are very fortunate to have this opportunity.  


Week One Pictures