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Term 3

Term 3 week 6

Why is it so difficult to tell the time?  It's especially hard when you're young because you think of things in terms of 'lunch time' or 'home time' or 'bed time', rather  than 12 o'clock, 3.15 or 7.30.  The children have learned to read o'clock and half past and they have learned that there are 60 minutes in an hour and that it is quicker to count to sixty in fives than it is in ones!

Head Teacher's awards:

Scarlett - for her great attitude towards all aspects of her learning.

Erin - for always working hard in her independent work.

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Term 3 week 5

We have spent the week weighing items and estimating and comparing weights.  They have learned to use bucket scales, which help them to understand that the heavier objects will tip the buckets further down than the lighter objects.  They have also seen that larger objects aren't always heavier than smaller ones!  At the end of the week they were set a challenge: to make a bag out of newspaper that would carry a kilo weight!

Head Teacher's awards:

Felix - for good problem solving when making a bag.

Beau - for consistently good spellings.

Term 3 week 4

In English the children have been writing rhymes.  Rhyming words seem so easy to us, but five and six year olds find them quite challenging!  

Can you think of some words that rhyme with man, hat, book and pear?  Remember to go through the alphabet from a to z to help you generate lots of rhyming words.

Head Teacher's awards:

Hollie - for excellent describing words

Lucy - for excellent describing words

Term 3 week 3

The children have all brought the prayers they wrote in terms 1 and 2.  We hope you enjoy reading them together.  This week and next we have been working on coin recognition, paying for toys  and giving change.  The children love money - let them look in your purses and wallets please!

There has been amazing work going on in gymnastics this week.  Take a look at the photos below.

Please can all parents remember to put their children's library books in their bags to be changed each Thursday.  Thank you.

Head Teacher's awards:

Hollie - for consistently excellent spelling test results.

Phoebe - for working really hard in maths and gaining in confidence.

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Term 3 week 2

This week the children started their new topic 'The Great Fire of London' and continued to learn how to use the beebots in class.  Can they tell you what beebots are and what they can do?  They have a new prayer book in the Prayer Corner, full of their own prayers.  We will be sending the prayers they wrote in terms 1 and 2 home soon.  The children are very proud of them and love reading them during our Guided Reading sessions.

Please can all parents remember to leave the children's home learning books in their bags.  Thank you.

Head Teacher's awards:

Zachary - for making a good start in Hazel Class.

Jasper - for excellent independent work, especially in maths.

Term 3 week 1


Welcome back to Hazel Class everybody and a special welcome to Zachary, who has joined us this term.  Thank you all for your lovely presents.  


This week the children have really impressed me with their knowledge of doubles!  Next week we are going to look at halving, so I am expecting another amazing performance from them...  However, the concept of sharing into groups has been challenging for them.  If you get the chance to practise sharing things out with the children at home this will be a great help.  For example, put 10 smarties on the table and ask the children to see how many different ways they can share them out (1 group of 10, 2 groups of 5, 5 groups of 2 etc).


Head Teacher's awards:

Joanna - for her excellent V sits in gymnastics.

Elliot - for outstanding shoulder stands in gymnastics.