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Term 3

Term 3

Week ending 12.2.16

We ended the week and the term with a WOW! day. Having been learning about mass during the week, we put our skills to the test by making Rock Cakes: the results were delicious!  After watching a video about Chinese Dragon dancing in celebration of Chinese New year, we made our own 'good luck' dragons. the children were thrilled with the results and insisted on taking them into Celebration Assembly!




What else have we been learning this week?


'I learned 1000g= 1Kg.'

'I learned to check my writing to see if I've included Mrs. Ferguson's 'What I am looking for...'

'I can tell the time to quarter past the hour.'

'I learned to tell the time to quarter to the hour.'

'I learned how to make a Story Map.'

'I learned how to write a good beginning to my story.'

'I can write sentences with adverbs describing the verbs.'

'I can say my 3x table.'


Stars of the Week: All of Willows for making excellent progress this term: you deserve your holiday!


Reading Star of the Week: Beth for an excellent effort with her reading - you need to stop to go to bed Beth!

Term 3

Week ending 5.2.16

On Friday afternoon, nine Year 2s and one Year 1 went to Pent Valley for an athletics competition - I can't wait to hear how they got on!


Excitedly, we learned about adverbs!

We excitedly learned about adverbs!

We learned about adverbs excitedly!


What else have we learned this week?


'I learned that an adverb describes a verb.'

'I learned how to use the > greater than and < smaller than signs.'

'I learned about all the jobs that need doing in church.'

'I learned to order the days of the week and the months of the year.'

'I learned to put the months into seasons.'

'I learned to tell the time to the hour.'

'I learned to tell the time to half past the hour.'

'I learned how to test the flexibility of plastic in science.'

Star of the Week: Beth for a super effort with her writing, using amazing adverbs!

Willow's first Buster's Book Club Reader of the Week goes to Theo; he received a certificate and a bronze badge. Well done Theo!




Term 3

Week ending 29.1.16

A fun filled week, packed with lots of learning!

We have been learning to recite 'The Wolf's Story', which is a rap poem by Brenda Parkes. We have had great fun making up actions to go with the words!

To follow up our visit to St.Mary's Church, we labelled a cross-section picture of a church, with all the special places we had learned about.


What else have we learned this week?

'I can write a number sentence to show repeated addition as a multiplication sum.'

'I learned how to make an array to show multiplication.'

'I learned how to give change.'

'I learned how to write a money decimal.'

'I can use' The Rule of Three' to write a character description.'

'I can use a simile to describe a character.'

'I used lots of WOW! words.'

'I can do a joined up 'f'.'

'I made up a sequence of moves to travel around the hall.'


Star of the Week: Cerys for a great improvement in her writing and in her ability to copy carefully.


In school we launched our KM Buster's Book Club, in readiness for next week.

The children all have a bookmark in their Reading Record with a reading target of so many minutes on it depending on their year group. They have to do their home reading as normal. We ask that parents record on one day (their best, preferably!) how many minutes their child has read. On a Thursday,(so please make sure Reading Records are in Book Bags) we are going to see how many children in each class achieve their reading target and (this is where it gets competitive) how many minutes over their target they have read. All these numbers will be sent to KM Buster's Book Club to see if we can beat other schools in the scheme.  Each week their will be a Reader of The Week in every class and the class which has read the most will get a trophy. We can do it Willows!

Term 3

Week ending 22.1.16

An exciting week with temperatures plummeting below zero and an R.E. inspection!

On Tuesday we were very excited to visit St. Mary's Church, Elham.  Mrs. Sharp gave an excellent talk on the special places in the church and even baked a delicious loaf of bread for us to share to explain the importance of the altar and communion. We discussed what jobs needed to be done to keep the church a special place.  Mrs. Cooper had prepared the church for a treasure hunt; she had taken pictures of the special places in the church for the children to find and match with their labels. She had also made a trail of all the different jobs that needed doing in the church. Some children were in charge of i Pads to record the special places, so that we could make a display once back in school.  The children had a brilliant time and we all learned a great deal. many thanks to Mrs. Sharp and Mrs. Cooper for the enormous effort they put in to making the visit a success. Thank you also to all the T.As and Mrs. Keeble for their support in making it a safe enjoyable visit.


What have we learned this week?

'I learned about minus numbers.'

'I learned to halve and quarter shapes and I can divide a rectangle into thirds.'

'I can round to the nearest 10 s number.'

'I learned to use the Rule of Three, similes and WOW! words to describe a character.'

'I learned about verbs.'

'I learned about the properties of plastic.'

'I learned why the church is a special place.'

'I learned there are lots of jobs that need doing in the church.'


Star of The Week:  Katie for making a huge effort with her handwriting and the accuracy of her spelling.



Term 3

Week ending 15.1.16

We tackled vertical addition this week and I was very pleased with the children's secure knowledge of place value.

We then tried adding on a number line with two-digit numbers, adding the units first and then the tens. Many of them preferred to add the whole number and needed some persuasion to split it, but found it quite fun when they did, using different colours!

We drew a picture of our mums and wrote a message, using 'The Rule of Three' to go in the Kent Messenger for Mothering Sunday.

Having designed their Mexican masks, the children made them and for a morning we were up to our eyes in glue, glitter and sequins! They then wrote the instructions for making their masks, which will be displayed in the hall.


What have we learned this week?

'I learned how to do column addition.'

'I learned to use 'bossy'(imperative) verbs to give commands.'

'I learned to take photos on the i pad.'

'I learned some gymnastic moves, like the pike and the dish.'

'I learned that if a verb ends in a short vowel and a consonant, then you double the consonant before you add 'ing'.'


Star of the Week:  Grace for being much quicker and neater with her work.

Dear Parents,


Below is a guide to what your child will be learning in Willow Class this term.  If you have any queries or can help in any way, please contact me.




We will be learning to read and spell words with long vowel digraphs, i.e.: ‘air’, ’ere’, ‘are’, ‘ear’; ‘or’, ‘oor’, ‘aw’, ‘au’, ‘ore’; ‘er’, ‘ur’, ‘ir’; blends, e.g. ’wh’, ‘ch’ and ‘ph’; prefixes, e.g. ‘un’, ‘re’ and ‘dis’’; antonyms, e.g. pretty and ugly, cheap and expensive; compound words, e.g. playtime, homework and icepack. We will learn to count syllables and phonemes. The reading and spelling of high frequency words is an ongoing priority. At the beginning of each week the children will be given spellings to learn, these will be tested on Friday.  We will be investigating the use of commas and speech marks and using them in our writing.  We will also try to make our writing more interesting by using adverbial connectives, such as suddenly, unfortunately, luckily, etc. We will be looking at grammatical agreement and using the standard form of verbs.  Our text work will be based on fiction and poetry, by significant authors and we will use non-fiction to look at instructions.  Good letter formation is a priority, with Year 2 children practising a cursive style. The children will be looking at different ways of presenting their work, including using word processing. Writing is encouraged and practised at every opportunity and this term we will be focussing on the structure of a story and key elements, such as setting, character, the use of adjectives, alliteration and onomatopoeia.  Children are invited to take home a home reading book as often as they wish- please fill in the title and date in their home reading book, together with any comments about their reading.  Mrs. Vincent helps them to change their library book on Thursdays.




Children are becoming familiar with reading and writing numbers up to 20 (Year 1) and 100 (Year 2).  They will count on in ones, twos, fives and tens.  They will practise recording in number sentences, using +, -, and x and division. They will learn to recall pairs of numbers that total 10 and 20 and addition doubles to at least 10+10 together with corresponding halves. Year 2 children will become familiar with multiplication facts of the x10, x5 and x2 tables and deduce corresponding division facts. These will be tested on Fridays. They will recognise odd and even numbers.  We will also be looking at: length, 2D and 3D shapes, time, money, capacity, weight and position and the associated vocabulary.  We will recognise halves and quarters and investigate maths problems and puzzles.  We will look at ways of handling data, including bar charts and Venn diagrams.




We shall be studying the uses materials and investigating how plants grow.







We are investigating the Great Fire of London.  What is London like now?  What was it like before the fire in 1666?   How can we find out about it?  Who was Samuel Pepys?




This term we are studying special places and will visit the Church of St. Mary’s in Elham. We will be finding out about Baptism and investigating the symbolism in the Easter story.




We will be learning how to take photos and edit  them using the I pads.




We will practise ways of travelling, e.g. jumping, rolling, hopping, twisting and turning. We will contrast our movements, controlling the speed, height and direction. We are going to explore movement in dance and drama, looking at rhythm and using space individually and cooperatively. P.E. is on Wednesdays and Fridays. 




We shall investigate the sounds we can make, loud and soft, short and long, fast and slow and how these affect the rhythm of a piece of music. We are going to learn songs, to put together as a class performance. Mr. Ansell takes the class on Monday afternoons and Mrs. Hickman will continue to teach the ocarina on Wednesdays.




We will be looking at buildings and observing different patterns. We will turn our sketches into a clay collage. 




This will be an integral part of our R.E. project, investigating the need for rules in our lives. We will also discuss social problems as they arise naturally in the group.




Yours faithfully,



Genevieve Ferguson

Spring Term 2016

Term 3

Week ending 8.1.16

Happy New Year!

Lovely to be back and to see everyone well and rested.

We have hit the ground running and learned a lot this week!

We noticed that the first day of Epiphany, 6.1.16, is a palindrome.

We were delighted to welcome Mrs. Grady to our class as T.A. She had left to have baby Elliot, but has now returned to fill the post vacated by Mrs. Gay. Mrs Gay visited us on Wednesday - the children were thrilled! Fortunately, she is coming in to help with interventions on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, so we will still benefit from her expertise!

On Friday afternoon we watched a DVD of our Nativity play 'It's a party' - just watching the joy on the children's faces made all the hard work worthwhile!


What have we learned this week?

'I learned to do gymnastics.'

'I learned that to add 11, all you have to do is add 10, then add 1.'

'I learned how to add using the column (vertical) method.'

'I learned to knock off the 'e' and add 'ing'.'

'I learned that if a verb ends in a short vowel and a consonant, you have to double the consonant before you add 'ing'.'

'I learned that Mother Teresa is going to be made a saint.'

'I learned about materials and objects.'

'I learned my 5 times table.'


Star of the Week: Daisy for being unflappable during our final performance of 'It's a Party.'