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Term 3

Week 1 -  This week has been great to be back together sharing our stories of Christmas and catching up.

We have begun our new topics for the term. In Maths, we have introduced measure and have begun to take part in lots of practical activities. We have also continued our learning in Place Value and have introduced the decimal. 

We are going to be starting a new topic in Science all about Sound. Can you find out any interesting facts about Sound ready for next week? We can say goodbye to a great first week back, and look forward to starting all our new topics next week.

See you then.

Week 2 -  We have had a really successful week with our learning. 

In Maths we concentrated on ordering and comparing 3-digit numbers, (some included decimals). Can you remember what value the digit is after the decimal? 

In English, we have started to read 'Carrie's War' which is linked to our topic about World War 2. We have been writing character and setting descriptions. I wonder if you can write a character setting of your own at home?

In Science we began our topic on Sound and introduced how sound is made. Can you remember? Through VIBRATIONS. We can physically see these vibrations if we put rice on a drum and bang it.

In RE we have been learning about the Sabbath and what is acceptable to do on the Sabbath.


Overall, everyone has tried immensely hard to do their best in all aspects of their learning. Well done!! See you next week.


Week 3 -  
We have had a really fun week exploring and learning new areas. In Science, we have discovered what pitch is and how sound travels. Can you remember to tell someone in your family? 

In Maths we have explored money word problems and solving 2 steps to find the answer. We have enjoyed challenging ourselves and looking at finding change from up to £5. Parents - start challenging your children with money at home.

In SPAG, we have continued to recap and revisit our punctuation knowledge and ensure we use this consistently in our writing.

In Topic, we are learning about World War 2 and the battles that took place within this time frame. This week we concentrated on The Battle of Dunkirk and The Battle of Britain. I wonder if you can find any further information at home to share with the class.


Great efforts this week and hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Week 4 -  We have had a very busy week of successful learning.  More subtracting and converting measures activities were completed in Maths.  In English we have looked at stereotyping others and the effect this has on people.  Using different types of punctuation were used in our SPAG lessons.  In Computing we have nearly completed our algorithms.  Miracles were the focus in RE; we questioned whether we believe in them through talking about our own experiences.  We are all gaining more confidence in our Gym sessions; some of us are able to do some very tricky moves.  Phew - what a lot we have been up to!

Week 5 - This week has been packed full of exciting learning activities.  

In English we are beginning to think about writing our own story of an evacuee in the war.  As part of our Topic, we have begun to think about building our own model of an Anderson shelter.  We were challenged to build the strongest bridge using 1 piece of A4 paper only.  We had a variety of ideas.  What do you think the best way to do this was?

We were measuring our heights in Maths and looking at the different ways of writing the same measurement.  We then created a bar chart to show who was the tallest and shortest.

In RE we acted out the story of Jesus calming the storm.  We tried to be very dramatic using our body language and voices. We hope you enjoy the photos from this.

We begun the exciting reading initiative; Buster Book Club.  Our class had 347 additional minutes of reading over the week; well done to the children that took part.  The class star reader of the week went to Izaak, who has made excellent progress in his reading talents this year.

Well done to the class for being super stars this week!


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