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Term 3

Term 3- Week 5


Well done to our merit badge holders this week: Yasmin and Evie for showing improvements in their writing and making sure it all makes sense!


We have had a jam-packed week of angles in our maths learning. We have been focussing on how to use protractors by making sure that we aligned them correctly and that we were looking at the correct scale. We were able to identify and label different kinds of angles, including acute, obtuse, reflex, right angle, straight lines and full rotations. We also explored finding missing angles of triangles and quadrilaterals. We discovered that all the angles of a triangle add to 180⁰ whilst angles in a quadrilateral add to 360⁰.


We have continued our learning in English based upon Robert Swindells’ ‘Blitzed’ by predicting what would happen next during a tense chapter when our main character found the key to a locked attic door of a very suspicious character. We wrote some very atmospheric chapters which left Miss Burgess clinging to the edge of her seat whilst reading them: we were fantastic at leaving our reader on a cliff hanger! We discovered that our mysterious character had a transmitter hidden in the attic which lead us to believe that he could be a German spy! We gathered evidence from the book and wrote a persuasive letter to the chief of police at Scotland Yard, trying to persuade them that this character was a German spy.


We rounded up our learning in science by conducting yet another experiment! We used data loggers to measure the sound of an object being dropped into a bowl at different heights. We discovered that the higher the object, the higher the dB reading meaning a louder sound. We discussed the science behind it based on what we knew previously and found out that a higher object would gain more energy when being dropped from gravity therefore causing a louder sound.

Term 3- week 4


Well done to our merit badge holders this week: Ciara for beautiful a beautiful demonstration of a front and back flip as well as a hand stand using the ropes in gymnastics. Also to Jessica for finally being able to land with both fit when jumping onto the horse in gymnastics!


In our English learning, we have continued writing our ‘survival guide to travelling back in time to the Blitz’. Our guides are looking fantastic and we can’t wait to show them off in the hall on display!

We explored further the precautions taken during WW2 in our topic lesson on Tuesday. We discovered that not only did people have to carry gas masks, but they also had to make sure they blacked out their windows as well as headlights on their cars so it made it difficult for German planes to spot where they were bombing. We also looked at ARP wardens and why they were so important. We were given different scenarios and had to play in the role of different characters in WW2.


We conducted another experiment during our science lesson, focussing on changing the pitch of a sound. We looked at different instruments and objects, including bottles filled with different amounts of water, a guitar, a drum and rulers on the edges of desks. Working in groups, we were able to find out how to change the pitch of each sound and also discovered how! We watched a video of a camera inside a guitar being played and saw how looser, thicker strings created less frequent sound waves therefore a lower pitch was created. Whereas the tighter, thinner strings created more frequent sound waves therefore created a higher pitch. The following link will direct you to the video:

Term 3- week 2


Another busy week for Beech class, particularly in our maths learning continuing with shape. This week we were specifically looking at perimeter and area. We all tried our best as we looked at the perimeter and area of rectangles and challenged ourselves by looking at compound shapes! We all demonstrated a very important value: perseverance!


We have been continuing our English learning based upon Robert Swindell's 'Blitzed', by taking part in a class debate on whether it would be good or bad to travel back in time to the Blitz. We came up with lots of valid arguments and we came up with two strong arguments for and against: travelling to the Blitz would be a good idea because it means you experience history first-hand. However, it also would be a bad idea knowing how extremely dangerous the time period was and it could get frightening! We also placed ourselves into the shoes of the main character, George, and wrote detailed diary entries and wrote missing dialogue for a chapter. 


On Friday, we all took part in a science experiment as part of our new topic: sound. We were given a carousel of activities including observing what would happen to rice placed on top of a drum when hit and placing a hit cymbal into a bowl of water. We discovered that sounds were caused by vibrations! Next week, we will be conducting another experiment to see how the volume of a sound can be altered. 






Term 3- Week 1


Welcome back Beech class! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and have lots of memories to treasure! We've eaten our Christmas dinner and celebrated the new year, however this week we have been back to our learning! 


In maths, we have been focusing on naming 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. We noticed that by looking at the shapes of the faces on 3D shapes, it helped us work out what each one was called. Miss Burgess was very impressed as we were all able to use the correct vocabulary when describing the shapes, including vertices, edges and faces. We also looked at the difference between prisms and pyramids and noticed that prisms were made up of a congruent shape whereas the base shape of a pyramid gets smaller to a point. Using straws and blue-tac, we were able to make different 3D shapes and were successful in pointing out the properties! Our homework this week was to find different 3D objects in our homes. Can you find an object which is a 3D shape?


In our English learning, the children have been introduced to Robert Swindell's 'Blitzed' alongside our topic of World War 2. We incorporated Philosophy for Children (P4C), a whole school initiative, into our English learning this week, by asking different questions based upon the front cover of the book. Hopefully, our questions will be answered by the end of the book! We were also introduced to the wild character, George, who we explored in depth and wrote our own character descriptions, focusing on the senses rather than appearance. Can you name the 5 senses?


Starting our topic on World War 2, we looked at different primary and secondary sources. We discussed what they were and gathered as much information as we could from the sources we had. We decided that primary sources were the most reliable as the sources experienced or came directly from the period of history.


Well done Beech class for a successful first week back!