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Term 3

Week 5

This week's blog has been written by Molly Richards.


Over the past week we have been looking at how to subtract, add, multiply and divide fractions with mixed and whole numbers. We all found it tricky at first. We began the week looking at adding. If the denominator is the same you keep it as it is, however if not you have to see what number goes into them both and then use that as the bottom number. For an example of this, see the first picture below.


Then later on we did subtracting fractions which is very similar. Look at the example below:

3/4 - 2/4 = 1/4


Then on Wednesday we learnt how to multiply fractions which was new to all of us and we all found this pretty easy. Look at the example in the second picture below.


And last but not least on Thursday we learnt how to divide fractions. We have all nearly got the hang of it, but we still practice. Picture three shows how we did it.




Fractions Calculations

Fractions Calculations 1
Fractions Calculations 2
Fractions Calculations 3

Week 3


Oak Class were very excited this week to be given their own school email addresses. They know how to use them responsibly and I hope they will soon be using them to send me homework or any other messages they wish. Their first task was to write a few lines for our weekly class blog and to send them to me. A few children even managed to find some photos to illustrate their learning this week. It was very heart-warming to read how they felt about their learning and how much they have enjoyed their lessons. They were also a real credit to the school during our SIAMS inspection. Well done Oak Class. Now over to them to tell you what happened this week....


On Tuesday we had a visitor. Her name was Mrs Corbyn. She was a very lovely person and was inspecting our school.



On Tuesday we had a SIAM inspection. She came around the classes and watched our R.E lessons

                                      IT WAS VERY NERVE-RACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This week in numeracy we started to do algebra. It was hard at first but we picked it up eventually. For other going-to-be year sixes, it’s not as hard as everyone says it is.



On Wednesday we were doing a bit more algebra which I enjoyed and also had fun testing out our new email accounts, which was very fun.



On Wednesday we all had a great ICT lesson. We were all given our own email addresses to use for school. We have all enjoyed our lesson and everyone loves their new emails.



On Tuesday 20th January, a lovely lady called Mrs Corbyn came into school to see our R.E through school. In our class we started to learn about Sikhism. It was really interesting, then we had an assembly about Christian values that Mr File did. Again that was very interesting.



On Tuesday afternoon we had the RE inspector at school so we did an RE lesson on The Sikhs and Sikhism. It was a very interesting lesson and I think we thoroughly enjoyed it.



On Tuesday an inspector called Mrs Corbin came in, to inspect are R.E lesson. We were learning about Sikhism; it was very interesting. We had to stick in different pictures about Sikhism. E.g. temples and turbans and write about them.    



On Tuesday we had an RE inspection and all the children behaved. We also did some literacy and interviewed each other as if we were some of the characters from our class picture book “Tuesday”. On Wednesday we did some computing and sent polite emails to each other, it was really fun.



On Tuesday the 19th of January we had an R.E inspector come in and we all behaved very well. In R.E we learnt about the Sikhs, we learnt about:  what they wear and why they wear that. We also did literacy in literacy we learnt about writing reports, to help us we looked at a book called “ Tuesday” by David Wiesner. 



On Tuesday the R.E inspector came in to the look at our school to see if our R.E was

good. Her name was Mrs Corbin and she came to look at our R.E lesson in the afternoon.We were doing Sikhism which was fun. We had to stick in pictures of things about Sikhs.



I have enjoyed today it was so fun learning to use a email. I am looking forward to learn more. Thankyou for being the best teacher ever. I did not know what a Sikh was before yesterday. And learning about the temple and where they lived in India.


Algebra and Sikhism

Week 2

written by Emily and Molly


Monday: First we did a comprehension paper which was called ‘On Dangerous Ground.’ Soon after it was break. When we came in we went straight into maths with another practise arithmetic paper. After lunch, we then started Topic about the Ancient Greeks.  then at 2 o’clock we went to sing with Mr Ansell. Then it was home time after assembly.


Tuesday: Today we started off with English and between 9:30 and 10:30. We did a cold writing task as journalists writing about a dog called Henry who fell of the cliffs at The Warren. Soon after we did maths up until lunch -  it was reflecting shapes over horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Then in the afternoon we learnt about evolution and inheritance and we are learning about Charles Darwin who wrote a famous book the whole thing. Finally it was home time.


Wednesday: On Wednesday we were reading ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner. It's a book which tells the story through pictures, with just a few words. You can watch a film version of it here - After break we started a new topic in maths - it was algebra. Then started French we all were saying sentences about what we like and don't like to eat and drink. Also we did gymnastics with Mrs Horton.


Thursday: Today we started the day with English, which was carrying out an interview with a witness. We planned questions to ask people who saw the strange event happen (flying frogs!). Then after break, we did maths; carrying on with algebra, but we worked in our books and got straight to it! Later that day, we played our fifes. We all played frosty the snowman and soon we went to assembly and then it was time to go home.


Friday: Today we did our spelling test on homophones - then we learnt about inverted commas (speech marks). Next we did maths and it was place value.  In the afternoon we wrote and decorated prayers about our school values. Some of these will soon be on display in class. The day ended with Celebration Assembly - this week's Merit Badge winners were:

Molly Richards for working more confidently and independently in maths and Morgan Turney for an excellent 'cold task' newspaper report.

Term 3, Week 2 - Oak Class Homework

'Tuesday' by David Wiesner

Week One



We came back to school on Tuesday since we had our Christmas holiday. After break we did literacy. We were planning for our big write; we were writing from either Bob Cratchit or Tiny Tim’s perspective of A Christmas Carol. Soon after guided reading we had an arithmetic test, it was very hard, but we all did very well for our first attempt!



We carried on planning our story. After break we did coordinates in maths. Next (after lunch) we had French where we learnt how to say which foods we liked and disliked - J'aime les frites mais je préfère le chocolat! At 2 o’clock we had PE with Mrs Horton - it was gym which we all enjoy.



We then had our big write…it took a while! We then leant how to translate shapes in maths - this doesn't mean saying them in French; it means moving them from place to another! After lunch we had computing. We were learning about the Caesar Cipher (a code) on the Simon Singh website. Why not have a go at it yourself?



We had Mrs Brown as our new teacher today - she is lovely and we will enjoy her teaching us each Friday. We started with a spelling test as usual, then we did maths (revising place value) followed by RE in which we wrote the Christmas story as a newspaper report. In the afternoon we also had celebration assembly. Selina and George won the Merit Badges this week for working really well together to crack the code first in Computing.


We were all ready for the weekend and a rest after this super-busy week!