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Term 4

Term 4

Week ending 24.3.16

On Tuesday we had a very informative visit from Firefighter Carl.

Mr. Clayton brought in a thermal imaging camera - the children were fascinated to find the hot and cold spots in the classroom.

We went to church on Wednesday afternoon to celebrate Easter; Willows wore their 'crown of thorns' on which they had written words describing why Jesus was made to wear the 'crown' and how He felt. Circles read out their words to the congregation.


The week ended on a WOW! day, with the children making their famous 'Lumpy Lane' (apologies to Nigella!), with Mrs. Grady. They had a marvellous time weighing out the ingredients, mixing and generally getting sticky with chocolate and golden syrup!


In the afternoon we made Easter cards, with a chick making a rather surprised entrance through a cracked egg! Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Keeble entertained the class with an Easter/Spring Bingo!  Thank you ladies, it was great fun!


What have we learned this week?


'I learned to halve a shape and a number.'

'I learned how to find a quarter of a shape and a number.'

'I can find three-quarters of a shape.'

'I learned that a half is the same as two-quarters.'

'I learned about Palm Sunday.'

'I learned how to write a recount by using time-connectives.'

'I learned how to write in paragraphs.'

'I learned my 5x table.'

'I learned my 10x table.'

'I learned my 3x table.'

'I learned how to make a try in rugby.'

'I learned how they blew up houses in 1666 to stop' The Great Fire of London' spreading.'


Star Reader of the Week: Zara, who now has her Silver badge.


Keep on reading everybody!


Have a lovely Easter break and I look forward to seeing you all safe and well on Monday, 11th April.

Term 4

Week ending 18.3.16

What an exciting Science Week!

We made propelled rockets, took a trip to the moon with Mrs. Sharp, investigated the waterproof qualities of different materials and made articulated hands with Mrs. Levett. The children always enjoy being 'proper scientists': being accurate when using equipment, creating tables to record results, predicting, analysing and drawing conclusions. A huge 'Thank you' to Mrs. Sharp and Mrs. Levett and to Miss Burgess for organising Science Week.








What have we learned this week?


'I learned to use ' bossy' (imperative) verbs to write commands.'

'I learned to use bullet points to write my instructions.'

'I learned that time-connectives are adverbs.'

'I learned to check my subtraction number sentences by adding what has been taken away to the answer.'

'I learned to make a poster.'

'I learned that an adverb describes a verb.'

'I learned to use WOW! adverbs.'

'I learned my 10x table.'


Willows won' Reading Class of the Week' for the second week in a row!


Star Reader of the Week: Daniel 

Star of the Week: Ella for making a big effort with the quality and quantity of her work.




Term 4

Week ending 11.3.16

We welcomed seven Hazel class children into Willows this week;they have been brilliant!

On Friday we held a Music Concert for KS 1, Year 3 and 4 and the children who did not go to Arethusa.  Mrs. Hickman arranged the concert and show cased the singing and instrumental work she has done with these children. She was supported by Mr. Ansell, who did a variety of songs with Year 1 and 2, and 'Happy' with Year 3 and 4. Mrs. Cooper showed how accomplished her ukulele players were in KS 1. and entertained us with actions and singing. A huge 'Thank you' to Mrs. Hickman, Mr. Ansell and Mrs. Cooper - we really enjoyed it!






Willows won the Buster's Book Club Reading Class of the Week - a super effort!


Immy, Naomi, Zara, Grace and Ella from Willlows (as well as Joe and Lucy from Hazels) took part in a Gymnastics Competition at Pent Valley. The A Team came first and the B team came second - well done!


What have we learned this week?

'I learned the column method to subtract.' 

'I learned that subtraction is the opposite of addition.'

'I learned to put capital letters at the beginning of my sentences and full-stops at the end.'

'I learned how to make past tense verbs.'

'I learned how to do column addition, carrying a ten.'

'I learned why Jesus wore a crown of thorns.'

'I learned that glass is made out of sand, soda ash and limestone.'

'I learned that the ingredients for glass have to be heated to 1000-1200 degrees C.'

'I learned to put exclamation marks at the end of sentences starting with 'what'or 'how'.'


Reading Star of the Week: Naomi


Star of the Week: Ivy for a much improved effort.


Term 4

Week ending 4.3.16

Another really productive week culminating in making poems and a pop-up card for Mothering Sunday. 

What have we learned this week?


'I learned that subtraction is the opposite of addition.'

'I learned that if you add the answer to what you have taken away, you get the number you started with!'

'I learned that a simile is when you say something is like something else or it as ... as something.' (We used similes to make up a poem for our mummies.)

'I learned how to make a pictogram.'

'I learned about data handling.'

'I designed a special place to make my promises.'

'I investigated things made out of wood.'

'I can find unusual past tenses.'

'I can make the past tense by adding 'ed'.'

'I learned that ( the prefixes) 'un' and 'dis' usually make a word mean the opposite.'


Star Reader of the Week: Hannah for reading the most minutes above her target.

Star of the Week: Sarah for super subtraction and an amazing simile poem.


Please remember to send your child in to school with warm trousers and a top for P.E. ( a tracksuit?), plus trainers - I can vouch for the fact it's cold outside!


Term 4

Week ending 26.2.16

Lovely to be back at school, with the children fit and healthy and raring to go; they were all present every day and were awarded a marble for the jar! 

A busy week culminated in the PTA School Disco, with the children having great fun!  Lots of tattoos, painted nails and pogo -ing!


What did we learn this week?

'I learned the 'oy' sound.'

'I learned how to change (innovate) the characters, setting and what happened in 'The Wolf's Story'.'

'I enjoyed making a collage about our school.'

'I learned about 'Christenings.'

'I learned my 2x table.'

'I learned how to make a Bar Chart.'

'I can make different weights by adding weights together.'

'I learned how to pass the ball in rugby.'


Reading Star of the Week: Zara for great reading at home.


Star of the Week: Clare for a really improved effort.