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Term 4

Week -  This week has been really good fun. We have learnt a lot about adding a multiple of 10 and taking away a multiple of 10. Can you answer this? What is 340 - 50? 570 + 40? 

In Topic we have been planning to build an Anderson Shelter. What is this? Can you tell an adult at home? 

In French we have been learning how to say things that we like to do and what we don't like to do? Can you remember any sentences to practise at home?

In English,  we have concentrated on making Propaganda Posters. What is propaganda?

At the end of Friday, we are having a school disco which we are all very excited about!!!!! See you next week for more fun and games.


Canterbury Museum Class Trip

On Monday we visited the Canterbury Museum to learn about life in Canterbury during World War 2.  We experienced some different workshops about Air Raids and evacuations.  38,000 children were orphaned in London alone by the end of the War!  We were able to explore the rest of the Museum in the afternoon, and even had chance to play in the park before we caught the coach back to school.

Anderson Shelters


We based our Design and Technology lessons on our Topic of WW2.  Firstly we looked at what Anderson shelters were and how they were used.  Next we investigated their strength and why they had curved roofs.  We then designed our own Anderson shelters, and using junk modelling, created our very own Anderson shelter models.  We had great messy fun doing these, but are very glad that we have never had to sleep in a real one!

(More pictures of children with their shelter will be added shortly)

Week 2 -  This week has been very busy! As you can see from above we had a fantastic trip to Canterbury Museum to learn about WW2 and what it was like to have lived through this time period. We have also spent a day building Anderson Shelters which you can see from the pictures are incredible. Please feel free to pop into school to have a look. 


In our learning in Maths we have concentrated on Place Value and multiplying numbers by 10 or 100 and knowing which way the digits move and by how many places. Can you solve these? 156 x 10 = ? 27 x 100 = ?

In SPAG we have been looking at Indirect Articles. Can you remember what these are? Tell someone in your family and test their knowledge!


Overall, the class have had a really stimulating week and we are ready for more action next week. See you then.

Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Today we were really lucky to have Mr Clayton (Emma and Jenny's Dad)  visit us as part of our Science week fun.  He taught us lots about static electricity and we performed many different experiments.  We used balloons to create positive charge and create static electricity.  We were then shown a special machine called a Van De Graff generator that creates it's own static electricity.  When we placed our hands on the ball the charge ran though our body and made our hair stand on end - it was very funny!! 

Please view the pictures and watch the videos to share the excitement that we had.

Thank you to Mr Clayton for this wonderful experience.