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Term 4

Term 4- Week 4 (science week)


Big apologies for not updating our class page every week! We've had a very busy term, which includes being away with the year 5s at Arethusa last week! We all had a fantastic time and Miss Burgess was so impressed at how all the children challenged themselves and got stuck in to all of the activities. A very big well done!!


Well done to our merit badge holders this week: Eve and Max who have worked hard to use the correct vocabulary during our science lessons, including using the word 'viscosity' to describe different liquids. 


We have had a fantastic week, as we have been celebrating British Science Week with the rest of the school! We continued to look at our forces unit, exploring friction, air resistance and water resistance. We were able to carry out experiments, investigating which surface out of carpet, wood, grass and concrete had the most friction, dropped paper helicopters from different heights and dropped a marble into water, oil and golden syrup (yummy) to see how quickly it sank to the bottom. We learned how to carry these experiments out as fairly as possible and were able to evaluate our practices in order to make our results more reliable next time!


We also made film canister rockets using water and vitamin C tablets! We had lots of fun making them explode in the playground and discovered that the more water there is in the canister, the faster it explodes! We discovered the science behind the film canister rockets, exploring how CO2 is built up, creating pressure inside the canister. 


We also had a visit from Rupert Champion, alongside two 6th formers, from Simon Langton Boys Grammar School. He took us on a journey through our solar system, explaining how we could identify different stars and planets in the night sky just by using some binoculars! We also made some fantastic satellites using card, straws and marshmallows!  


On Friday, Mrs Levett came to visit us in the afternoon to teach us about nappy science! We had a blast ripping open nappies and discovering what materials absorbed liquids! We noticed that after a while, the cotton-like material inside a nappy was starting to crystalise and felt like jelly! We also compared a normal nappy to swimming pants and discovered that the swimming pants were more water resistant. 


Homework this week is to look at how air resistance effects different objects.


Have a great weekend!

Canterbury Heritage Museum

Term 4- week 1


Well done to our merit badge holders this week: Jake and Carwyn for excellent scores in their mental maths this week!


We have gone back to basics in our maths learning this week! We have revised column addition and subtraction and we have been able to apply this learning to word problems successfully! We also had a mental maths workshop, in order to enhance our mental skills and become masters of maths!  


In our literacy learning, we have begun to look at the poem ‘The click of the garden gate’ by May Hill (1940). Looking at the date, we discovered that it was linked to our WW2 topic and it gives an insight into how mothers or wives may have been feeling as their sons or husbands went to war. Our aim is to memorise the poem by the end of next week! We have created actions to the poem and drawn our own poetry maps in order to help us recite it off by heart.


During our topic, we looked at the different types of shelter including Anderson, Morrison and public shelters as well as how the London Underground was used. We watched a video about a little girl’s granddad who grew up in North London, who showed us around the shelter he used to stay in whilst at school! As a bit of fun, Beech class practiced going into an air-raid shelter by ducking under the tables when they heard the siren and waited for the all-clear!


We are all very much looking forward to our trip on Monday to discover more about WW2. Watch this space for the photos of our day out next week!