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Term 5

Term 5 week 7

We had an interesting and exciting beginning to the week because we watched a show!  It was about the Gruffalo, but had a literacy focus - all about sentences, punctuation and conjunctions.  If you're not sure what the last word means, ask your son or daughter!   This helped us in our writing later in the week, when we wrote descriptions of children for WANTED posters - have a look at the photos...

Merit Badges to:

Jasper - for outstanding independent work in maths this week.

Joe - for writing a great description of Scarlett in his WANTED poster.

Term 5 week 6

This week we have been bringing in materials for our scarecrow and on Friday we will be making it.  Watch this space for some truly spectacular photographs! 

Merit Badges to:

Amelie - for talking well about her learning during pupil conferencing.

Erin - for talking well about her learning during pupil conferencing.

Term 5 week 5

Great excitement - this week on Friday Mr File taught us!  He had a great time splashing around with water, while we worked our socks off estimating and measuring the capacity of various containers.

Merit Badges to:

Lucy - for always talking about her learning and making good connections!

Eddie - for making great links with his learning to real life.

Term 5 week 4

This week we have been focusing on money in maths.  The children practised buying toys from our prize box, adding up different combinations of coins and giving change by counting on.  


We are making a scarecrow later in the term and need some coloured plastic bottle tops.  Please could you send any in?  Thank you in advance.


Finally, happy birthday Erin!

Picture 1

Merit Badges to:

Hollie - for getting top marks in her spelling tests.

Elliot - for using good coping strategies when he finds work challenging.


Term 5 week 3

Friday is sponsored bounce day!  Apologies for the rubbish photos - you children bounce too quickly!  I wonder if you can recognise yourselves children...

We have continued to learn about Green Peace  and next week the children will be writing letters to the WWF and RSPCA to ask them about animals.  In maths we are re-visiting fractions of shapes and today we also spent a short time working out fractions of numbers.  If you would like to practise at home, then please focus on whole, half and quarter.  Anything else is a bonus of course!
Picture 1
Picture 2

Merit Badges to:

Oscar, for his outstanding prayer this week.

Elliot, for his good knowledge of compound nouns.

Term 5 Week 2

Describing and visualizing, then guessing the names of 3D shapes has been our focus in maths towards the end of this week.  The children are trying hard to remember to use these words: faces, edges and vertices (vertex) to describe spheres, cubes, cuboids, pyramids, cones and hemispheres.  Can they name any around the house?  Can they name the 3D shapes in the pictures below?  The last picture in the series is an example of their amazing behaviour and concentration during handwriting.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Merit Badges to:

Lucy for outstanding work in phonics and English this week.

Eddie for excellent sentence sorting in English this week.



Term 5 week 1

Our big surprise event this week was ZOO LAB.  The children were all fascinated when Charlie brought her friends in and they held, stroked or admired them from afar!  The millipede was especially studious and made a bee-line for our number line.  The children wrote a recount of the event in the afternoon, impressing us with the interesting facts they had retained.

Merit Badges to:

Amelie & Phoebe for their excellent HOT TASK writing about the Great Fire of London.