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Term 5

Term 5

Week ending : 27.5.16


Last week of Term 5!   We had a marvellous start to the week with a visit from Quantum Theatre.   We watched a performance entitled 'The Writing on the Wall', which was all about two children being inspired  by the story of 'The Gruffalo' and how they improved their writing.   We were certainly inspired by the show and are in the process of producing our own 'Gruffalo- inspired' stories.




We finished our birthday cards to Her Majesty, The Queen and they have been entered into the Art-Write (Hythe) competition.   The children are most impressed that the cards will actually be sent to The Queen.


What have we learned this week?


'I learned to describe a setting and a character using The Rule of Three.'

'I described my setting and character using similes and WOW Words!'

'I listened to 'The Gruffalo' and watched the DVD, so I could 'magpie' ideas.'

'I solved money problems by doing column additions.'

'I can make different totals by using different coins.'

'I learned how to make a Diva Lamp.'

'I learned in Science how to write up my method of planting a sunflower seed.'

'I drew a sunflower seed using a magnifying glass.'

'I measured my sunflower.'

'I learned if you put gravel around the sunflower it might stop slugs and snails from eating it.'

'I learned to rotate a tile around a quarter turn, a half turn, a three quarter turn and a whole turn.'

'We are learning to do a Welsh Country Dance.'


Willow Class won the Star Reading Class of The Week again!  18 out of 20 children achieved their reading target of 15 minutes, and 17 exceeded their target.  Very proud of you - keep it up!


Star Reader of the Week: Sarah


Star of the Week: Hannah for a marked improvement in her writing.


Have a lovely half term - keep on reading!

Term 5

Week ending 20.5.16


The children have been magnificent this week!  Year 2s have had a week of SATs testing, the first under the new curriculum. They have worked through an arithmetic paper, a maths reasoning paper, and two reading comprehension papers. The spelling, grammar and punctuation paper has been scrapped because it was leaked online; as we have not seen it, we will still give it to the children because they have worked so hard on their SPAG throughout the year and we would like them to be able to 'show off' all they know!  At the end of the week we had a much deserved party, eating lots of food and watching 'Despicable Me' (we still did our Spelling Test!).


On Friday we had an Art/D.T.  WOW Day! We constructed our scarecrow for the Elham Scarecrow Competition, under the guidance of Mrs. Grady. Our theme was The Olympics and we aptly named our scarecrow 'Rio'. The children had great fun threading bottle tops in the Olympic colours to hang from the crossbar, painting old CDs for medals and dressing him in sports' kit (if my son Alex asks where his shorts are, I will deny all knowledge!), complete with energy drink and sunglasses. Thank you very much to all the parents and children who donated items.  Please vote for 'Rio'!




What else have we learned this week?


'I learned about The Puja Tray, which Hindus use at their shrines.'

'I learned about 2D shapes.'

'I learned about 3D shapes and right-angles.'

'I learned about quarter, half, three-quarter and whole turns.'

'I learned how to add 'ment, 'ly', and 'ful' to stem words.'

'I learned to add 'less' and 'ness' to stem words.'

'I made a card for Queen Elizabeth 11, for her 90th birthday.'


Star Reader of the week: Clare


Star of the Week: Theo who took all his SATs tests in his stride, despite having to be late for one.






Term 5

Week ending 13.5.16

Another lovely sunny week and our sunflower seeds have started to germinate. A few have been nibbled and we are going to investigate ways to discourage hungry minibeasts!  

We have had some unusual visitors to Willow Class this week: Mrs. Collins brought in her magnificent Hindu God, who is a bit of a mystery - does anyone know who he is ?  My husband thinks he is Yama or Dharma, the son of Surya, but we are not sure!




Mrs. Frayne and Zara brought in Mei-Mei and Anya their two gorgeous Netherlands Dwarf bunnies. The children were fascinated and asked excellent questions including asking about their habitat, which is what we are learning about in Science.




What have we learned this week?


'I learned the names of 3D shapes.

'I can say how many faces, edges and vertices (corners) a 3D shape has.'

'I can make different money totals.'

'I learned to write money as a money decimal.'

'I learned how to give change.'

'I learned how to find the difference between two numbers.'

'I learned to RTQ - read the question!'

'I learned that different animals and plants have different habitats.'

'I learned about how Hindus pray at home at a Shrine.'

'I can write a diary like Samuel Pepys.'

'I made my picture of a timber-framed building look as if it was on fire!'

'I can do a welsh country dance and gallop sideways.'


Star Reader of the Week: Ella


Star of the Week: Tom for a great improvement in his focus on his learning.


Term 5

Week ending 6.5.16

A lovely sunny week to put a smile on everyone's face! We had been saving our exploration of capacity for warm weather - it helps enthusiastic mathematicians to dry quicker!


What have we learned this week?


'I learned to tell the time at a quarter to the hour.'

'I learned to tell the time at every five minutes.'

'I learned to write 1/2.'

'I learned that 1/2 is the same as 2/4.'

'I learned to measure capacity using litres.'

'I learned that 1000 millilitres = 1 litre.'

'I learned about Hindu symbols: the Aum, the Swastika and the Lotus flower.'

'I planted a sunflower seed and learned about the different parts of a plant.'

'I learned how to use an apostrophe to show possession.'

'I learned how to use an apostrophe for contractions.'

'I learned how to dance a Welsh Country Dance.'


Star Reader of the Week: Ed

Star of the Week: Freya - for always showing excellent learning.'


Term 5

Week ending 29.4.16

What a busy week, culminating in a visit by Mr. Damian Collins MP and a sponsored bounce!




Having watched our seven ducklings greeting us every morning, paddling in their pool and trebling their size in a week, we reluctantly had to say goodbye; they have all gone to very good homes and we will be able to follow their progress.


What have we learned this week?


'I learned to read the time to a quarter past the hour.'

'I learned to tell the time at five minute intervals to half past the hour.'

'I learned to add an apostrophe to show belonging.'

'I learned to write a poem with alliteration and apostrophes to show belonging.'

'I designed a scarecrow.'

'I can solve maths word problems.'

'I learned about a duck's habitat.'

'I wrote a prayer to thank God for Springtime.'


Star reader of the week: Ed


Star of the week: Ella for a really good attitude towards her work.


Term 5

Week ending 22.4.16


Another very exciting week including the arrival of seven eggs in an incubator in Willow Class, planting seeds for Rocket Science (which ones have been up in space with Tim Peake?), the Queen's 90th birthday on Thursday, St. George's Day on Saturday and 400 years since Shakespeare's death (52 years since his birthday) - 'All's well that ends well'. 

The children have been totally enthralled by the arrival of the duck's eggs and so excited when they hatched. they have been' eggcellent' midwives, talking the ducklings and encouraging them to hatch by playing' Mr. Mozart'.






Our rocket seeds were the first to germinate and to produce two leaves - we are very competitive! The results of this experiment will be fed into national data and might determine how seeds are grown in the future.


What have we learned this week?

'I learned to divide.'

'I can show a division number sentence two ways.'

'I can use an array to help me divide'.

'I can solve number problems.'

'I can innovate (change) a story'.

'I learned the 'zh' phoneme'.

'I can add 's' or 'es' to make a word plural.

'I can make a story map'.


Reading Star of the Week: Beth, who has now achieved her Gold Badge.


Star of the Week: Naomi, for being an all-round Superstar!

Term 5

Week ending 15.4.16

Lovely to see all the children back rested, healthy and raring to go!

On Thursday we were visited by Charlie from Zoolab and her mini menagerie. The class was fascinated to learn about the habitats of a Giant African Land Snail, a Giant African Millipede, a scorpion and a Corn Snake. They were allowed to handle most of the animals and asked lots of interesting questions.  In the afternoon, they wrote  excellent recounts of the visit, some resulting in Gold Awards.






What have we learned this week?

'I learned how to find a third of a number.'

'I learned to multiply using a number line.'

'I learned my three times table.'

'I learned how to write a recount.'

'I learned about the 'ti', 'si', and 'ci' phoneme.'


Star Reader of the Week: Hannah


Star of the Week: Ed, for really working hard on his writing.


Dear Parents


Below is a guide to what your child will be learning in Willow Class this term.  If you have any queries, please contact me.




We will be learning to read and spell words with long vowel digraphs, i.e.: ‘ear’ (hear), ‘eer’, ‘ea’ (head), ‘air’,’ere’, ‘are’, ‘ear’, ‘or’, ‘oor’, ‘aw’, ‘au’, ‘ore’, ‘er’, ‘ur’, ‘ir’, suffixes, eg. ‘ed’, ‘ly’, and ‘ful’, homographs (words with the same spelling, but different sound, eg. bow and read) and high frequency words. At the beginning of each week the children will be given spellings to learn, these will be tested on Friday.  We will be investigating the use of capital letters, commas and exclamation marks and using them in our writing.  We will also try to make our writing more interesting by using connectives, such as suddenly, unfortunately, luckily, etc. We will be looking at grammatical agreement and using the standard form of verbs. We will be investigating using the past tense for narration, as well as identifying verbs, adverbs, nouns, proper nouns and adjectives in our work. Our text work will be based on fiction and poetry, by significant authors and we will use non-fiction to look at instructions.  Good letter formation is a priority, with Year 2 children practising a cursive style.  Children are invited to take home a home reading book as often as they wish- please fill in the title and date in their home reading book, together with any comments about their reading.  Mrs. Vincent helps them to change their library book on Thursday.  The children are invited to take Bouncer Bunny, and his cousin Betsy for a sleepover; they record what the bunnies do at home, in Bouncer Bunny’s Diary. Willow Bear might also come home for a visit, purely for fun, but they may like to record it so they can tell the rest of the class.




Children are becoming familiar with reading and writing numbers up to 100.  They will count on in ones, twos, fives and tens.  They will practise recording in number sentences, using +, -, =, x, division, < and >.  They will learn to recall pairs of numbers that total 20 and addition doubles to at least 10+10 together with corresponding halves. Year 2 children will become familiar with multiplication facts of the x10, x2 and 5x tables and deduce corresponding division facts. These will be tested on Fridays. They will recognise odd and even numbers.  We will also be looking at: length, 2D and 3D shapes, time 

(half past, quarter past, quarter to and 5 minute intervals), money, capacity, weight and position with    the associated vocabulary.  We will recognise halves, quarters, three-quarters and thirds and investigate maths problems and puzzles.  We will look at ways of handling data, including tally charts, bar charts and pictograms.




We shall be studying forces and movement, in the first half of the term and then variation in plants and animals, in the second half.




We are investigating a contrasting locality in the U.K.: the seaside.  We will be studying features of our local area – making maps and following routes. We will also be looking at the buildings and their use and seeing how the seaside has changed from Victorian times. We will assess the facilities at the seaside and think of ways to improve them.




This term, we are investigating Hinduism and Pentecost.




We are learning to make PowerPoint presentations.



We will be learning country dancing. We will also practise throwing, catching and hitting a ball, to improve team game skills. We will develop these skills and learn team games. P.E. is on Wednesdays and Fridays. Mrs. Horton teaches P.E. on Wednesdays.




We shall investigate the sounds we can make, loud and soft, short and long, fast and slow and how these affect the rhythm of a piece of music. This will develop into using percussion instruments to compose and perform music. Mrs. Hickman teaches the ocarina on Wednesdays and Mr. Ansell teaches singing on Mondays.




We are exploring our local environment through drawing, printing, clay modelling and collage.  We will be looking at the work of famous landscape artists, using them as a basis to inspire our work! In the second half of the term, in Design and Technology, we shall be designing and making models with axles and wheels.




PSHE is an integral part of our R.E lessons and there will be links to our Geography and Art projects.



If anyone can be of assistance with any aspect of the curriculum, we would be delighted to welcome you into school! The parents and governors, who help in Willow Class, make a real difference to the children’s knowledge, learning and skills and are highly valued members of the team.



Yours faithfully

Genevieve Ferguson

Summer Term 2016