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Term 5

Thursday 14th April 2016

We were very fortunate to have a visitor today from Zoolab who bought in a range of different animals.  We were able to hold, stroke and view the animals. Some of us were a little afraid, but we were all brave and had a go and touching them.  We had an African snail, a Corn snake, a millipede and a scorpion.  Enjoy the pictures.

Week 1 - We have been excited to be back at school.We are starting a range of new topics and have already begun to get stuck in. Looking forward to learning more. 

Week 2 -  This week we saw the arrival of some very special eggs. During the week these eggs hatched into very adorable ducklings. We have had many opportunities to see the ducklings that have taken up residency in Mr File's office. 


We have also begun our topic in Science about Properties of state and materials. We have been concentrating on conductors of heat. Can you tell your parents or grandparents what these are and give some examples? 


We look forward to next week and what it may bring.


See you then.


Week 3


 This week we have been doing some really challenging multiplications in Maths, looking at using different written methods.  In English we have been reading more of our book, Journey to the River Sea.' and exploring the concept of a dilemma.  As part of our RE learning about Islam, we discovered that Muslims know their God, Allah, by 99 different names!

We began a 'Welcome to the Web' activity in Computing where we are learning more about how the Internet works.

On Friday some of us took part in a sponsored 'Bounce'.  We had to jump as many times as we could on a bouncy castle for a minute.  It was great fun, and we hope you enjoy the pictures.

Week 4 - Tuesday 3.5.16

Today we learnt about some drama techniques using our book, Journey to the River Sea.  We did some conscience alley activities, freeze frame acting and acting from a script or improvising a part from the story.  Fortunately it was a lovely, sunny day so we were able to use the large space of the playground as our stage!  Some of us were a little nervous performing in front of others, but we gave each other positive and some critical feedback for next time.  We looked at expressing emotion through facial and body language, as well as using our voice.

Week 4


We began the week by doing lots more multiplying in Maths and lots of exciting activities based on the class book, including exploring friendships and doing some 'what makes a good friend' games.    On Friday we began making our Birthday cards for the Queen to send off for the Art competition.  Thursday was the highlight of the week!  We had an amazing and fun day at the Living Land event at Detling showground.  The sheep show had us in stitches with sheep sheering and sheep dancing to watch!  There was a wide range of different animals that we could stroke and hold.  We viewed many machines from times gone by and watched a fantastic falconry display.  At the end of the day we visited the 'touch and taste' stalls, where we got to experience different foods and learn about farming across Kent.  Thankfully the weather was delightful, and everyone was on their best behaviour! Thank you to Mrs Goldup, Mrs Clayton, Mr and Mrs Brazier for joining us and keeping everyone safe.  We hope you enjoy the photos.

Week 6 - This week has been fun filled with our WOW day making our World War 2 Scarecrow. The class contributed in many ways to help design and make him from scratch. He is on the railings outside of school - VOTE number 26 if you can for the Elham Scarecrow competition. 


We have concentrated hard on Roman Numerals in maths so test yourself with the numerals... What would 5 be? What would 40 be? What would 50 be? 


Keep up the concentration and hard work next week as we end the term with a great final week. See you then.