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Term 5

Beech class scarecrow!

Beech class scarecrow! 1

Homework week 6

Term 5- Week 6


Well done to our merit badge holders this week: Rory for coming up with good ideas for his newspaper report and Yasmin for showing improvements in her writing.


Beech class started planning their newspaper reports ready to be typed into word on Monday! Before this, we explored different perspectives made by journalists writing the same story and looked at the vocabulary used to create a positive or negative perspective. We also looked at the different features of a newspaper, including the headline, by-line, orientation, main body, photographs, captions and re-orientation. 


We finished off our work on timetables on Monday during our Maths learning. The children were able to read timetables, including TV, bus and train timetables and calculate time intervals as well as solve problems! We also revisited ordering numbers, particularly decimals and looked at patterns in number sequences.


We also started researching the River Amazon. In pairs, the children created some fantastic and very creative posters about the River Amazon and included information like how long it stretches, wildlife and uses of the river.


Beech class had a fantastic WOW day on Friday! Alongside the rest of the school, we created a scarecrow in the form of a school caretaker! We all had an important job to do and it all came together nicely by the end of the day! It included drawing, sewing, laminating and hot-gluing! Check out the picture of our fantastic scarecrow which has been entered into the Elham scarecrow competition! Don't forget to vote for number 25!

Term 5- Week 5


A big well done to our merit badge holders this week: Hannah S for a fantastic image of a cat using calligraphy and Yasmin for brilliant acting during a newspaper interview! 


In our English learning this week, we have started our non-fiction topic based on the book 'Journey to the River Sea'. We have explored the differences between facts and opinions whilst also looking at the importance of interviews to gain more information and to add quotes to our main piece of writing. We were put into pairs and role played a journalist and one of the crows in the story. We really thought out how the crow would respond whilst also thinking about our body language. 


During our maths lessons, we began to explore the 12 and 24 hour clock. We discovered that anything before 12 midday on the 24 hour clock was the same as the 12 hour clock and anything after midday, we had to add 12. We were then able to work out time intervals between a pair of times using a time line. Our homework this week is to practice drawing time lines. 


We had a visit from Mrs Mowl on Friday morning who gave us an interesting talk about the 5 pillars of Islam. We were given an insight into prayer, pilgrimage and fasting on the month of Ramadan! Some of the children in Silver-Birch were given the opportunity to try some traditional clothing; they were absolutely beautiful! For being so good during the talk, we were given dates to try, traditionally eaten by Muslims during Ramadan. A big thank you to Mrs Mowl!


Beech class also had an exciting science lesson full of experimentation! We explored how different materials were separated using different methods. We looked at: separating pasta, rice and flour using sieving; flour and iron using magnetism; soil and water using filtration and water and salt using evaporation. 



Homework week 4

Term 5- Week 4


A big well done to our merit badge holders this week: Mina and Benjamin for having an excellent attitude towards their learning in French whilst creating their family tree!


We have had an exciting week and we can easily say the best part was our trip to Living Land! We started off by looking at the different kinds of machinery used in agriculture as well as receiving a talk about how oak roof tiles were made, particularly in America. We then had the opportunity to look, hold and feel different types of animal from chickens and rabbits, to cows and sheep!


Afterwards, we all went to see the sheep show where we were introduced to different breeds of sheep! It was extremely entertaining, particularly seeing the sheep do their individual dance moves! We also learned all about sheep shearing and how important it is for their health!


We also went to see a birds of prey show. We were introduced to different kinds of birds from owls to vultures! We were astounded at how well trained the birds were and the special relationship they had with their trainers. We learned that it can take many hours to build relationships with the birds and patience is key when training them.

Finally, we had the opportunity to touch and taste different foods that are produced on farms! We could try a range of foods, including vegetable crisps, apple juice, honey, and different meats! Some of the children even had the chance to grow their own wheat in a newspaper pot!


All in all, the day was an absolute success! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were an absolute credit to our school with their excellent behaviour! Well done!


Homework this week is to write a recount about our exciting trip to Living Land. 

Homework- Week 3

Term 5- Week 3


Well done to our merit badge holders this week: Joel for demonstrating a good attitude towards his learning and Lily for persevering even when her learning became challenging. 


Beech class started to learn about percentages this week! We learned how to find a percentage of a number and how to convert a percentage to a decimal or fraction. We discovered that percentages were not as scary as we first thought and we all persevered with our learning! 


In writing, we focused on fronted adverbials and comma splices. As revision sessions, we remembered that fronted adverbials describe how, when or where a verb happened in the sentence and we knew where to place the comma! We also looked at how comma splices are used in the place of a full stop and explored different ways of correcting the comma splices. We will now consciously make sure we are not using comma splices in our writing!


We had to say goodbye to our ducklings this week as they had grown very big in a week! They are now in friendly new homes! 

Term 5- week 2


Beech class, alongside the rest of the school, have had a very exciting week! We were extremely lucky to witness 7 ducklings hatch from their eggs! It was great to see them huddling together for warmth and they even had their first experience of paddling in water! Very cute!


This week in our learning, we have been exploring conversions of different units of measure (imperial and metric). This included inches to centimetres, kilograms to pounds and litres to pints! 


We have been also working hard on improving our writing. We stepped into the teachers shoes and marked a different piece of writing. We were able to identify spelling and punctuation mistakes and rewrite them in our pairs, whilst also improving different language features! 


In our science learning, we looked at the term 'soluble' and discussed what we thought it meant. We then looked at different materials and mixed them with water to see if they were soluble. We noticed that salt and sugar looked as though they had disappeared, however we discovered that they had dissolved and created a solvent. The flour went very cloudy, telling us that it is insoluble.


We also became weather researchers on Friday by looking at the weather in South America and reporting on it!

Homework week 1

Term 5- Week 1


I hope you've all had a lovely Easter break and have come back refreshed and ready to learn! We certainly have been busy this week! Well done to our merit badge holders: Reka for always demonstrating a positive attitude towards her learning and Chloe for using her time to reflect on example pieces of writing and showing that she can edit and improve them on our writing working wall!


In our maths learning, we have started to look at converting units of measure. Our learning from the previous term helped us with this as we had to know how to multiply and divide whole and decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. We have covered converting centimetres to metres, centimetres to millimetres, kilograms to grams and litres to millilitres. We finished our week with our mental maths workshops- we are already starting to show improvements and can discuss our mental strategies with our peers!


We have started to explore our new narrative: Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson. This runs alongside our new topic: Brazil! So far we have explored the main character, Maia, and stepped into her shoes by thinking about how she would be feeling leaving her school in London and travelling across the ocean to Brazil to meet her new family. We have also focused upon how we could edit and improve our writing. We were given examples of writing in which we had to mark (as if we were Miss Burgess)! We then started rewriting our pieces, thinking about spelling, punctuation and language features.


Miss Burgess has been so excited to start our Brazilian topic! We explored where in the world Brazil was and used atlases to find different features, including its capital city and the Amazon river. Do you know the capital of Brazil? Our computing this week was also based on our Brazil topic as we have started to research two major cities which people may like to visit. 


Not only that, we also started a new topic in science! Based on our properties and changing materials topic, we explored thermal insulators and conductors. Do you know the difference? 


Phew! What a busy week! Homework this week to find different objects/materials around our houses that act as thermal insulators or conductors.