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Gerald the Giraffe! 25.4.19

Gerald the Giraffe! 25.4.19 1

This afternoon in our Topic lesson, we have been looking at features of maps, compass directions and we have begun discussing our Local Area. 

We would like to introduce Gerald the Giraffe, who is looking forward to come and stay with each of you soon and have some exciting adventures! I hope you have a fantastic time with him. I wonder who will be first to take him home!

Many thanks Mrs Pullen. 

Mona Lisa Artwork - 23.4.19

Mona Lisa Artwork - 23.4.19 1
Mona Lisa Artwork - 23.4.19 2
Mona Lisa Artwork - 23.4.19 3
Mona Lisa Artwork - 23.4.19 4

This afternoon we have been finishing our learning about Leonardo Da Vinci. The children wanted to tell you about what they have been doing. 

 "It's really fun doing painting."

 "We enjoyed painting ourselves as Mona Lisa."

 "We learnt to paint slowly and carefully in the lines."

 "We used crayons and water colour to paint our backgrounds. We learnt that the paint doesn't go on top of the crayon."