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Term 6

Term 6 week 5

We are rushing headlong towards the end of term, with all sorts of exciting activities - our whole school trip to Folkestone was great!  The children managed the distances well, especially going down steep slopes and up lots and lots of steps.  We also spent two lovely mornings completing various bits of art work for our exhibition.

Term 6 week 4

This week was a sad one because Joe left Elham School for Barham School.  We will miss him greatly, especially Oscar, but luckily he's going to be at Oscar's birthday party tomorrow!


Picture 1
Picture 2
The children have discovered times tables this week.  In the pictures they are using the times table grid on the covers of their maths books to test each other!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Term 6 week 3

This was the second week of our Olympic fortnight.  The culmination of the week was Sports Day and the children really excelled themselves.  They had all written pledges, which will be signed off next week and they will bring home.  The children are enormously privileged to have been able to practise so many different sports - some of them were entirely new to them.



Term 6 week 2

Thank you to all parents who made cakes for our Green Peace cake sale!  We made over 75 pounds and the children were so proud of the cakes they had helped to make.   As a treat they were  each allowed to choose a cake at snack time.  Even the teacher was a allowed one - delicious rocky road - YUM!


Olympic Fortnight

Olympic Fortnight 1
Olympic Fortnight 2
Olympic Fortnight 3
Olympic Fortnight 4
Olympic Fortnight 5
Olympic Fortnight 6
Olympic Fortnight 7
Olympic Fortnight 8

Term 6 week 1

Your children are amazing at maths!  Nearly the whole class knows their number bonds to ten and fact families for number sentences like 4+7=11.  Ask them what a fact family is if you don't know!  The language we teach when learning maths is very different to the language you were probably taught.  Can the children explain the words and phrases number sentence, fact family, inverse, subtraction, number bond to you?  If they can, they are amazing mathematicians.


Merit Badges to:

Amelie - for excellent recall of number bonds to ten.

Phoebe - for her wonderful gesture getting her hair cut to raise money for charity.


Term 6 week 2

This week we have been making multiplication number sentences with cubes, like 5x3=.  You figure the answer out!

This is what good listening looks like!

This is what good listening looks like! 1
This is what good listening looks like! 2
This is what good listening looks like! 3
This is what good listening looks like! 4
This is what good listening looks like! 5
This is what good listening looks like! 6
This is what good listening looks like! 7