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Term 6

Term 6

Week ending 15.7.16


On Thursday we went to George's Barn at Newington. The weather was fantastic and the children participated in: bug hunting, a sculpture hunt, build a bee, the pollination game and making hexagonal tiles out of clay and decorating them. Led by Annie Begley and Clive Nuttman the day was beautifully planned and the children learned such a lot.  We finished with squash and biscuits, with Annie explaining how to do a Story Map of the day.  We can't wait for our next visit!


On Friday 12 of Willows experienced the Rio Roadshow, postponed from Olympic Fortnight. They had a wonderful time representing different countries.

In the afternoon we held our final Music Concert of the year in front of parents. Mrs. Hickman organised the concert and we were in for a treat!  Willows sang Fancy That! and performed on their Ocarinas with a group performing Greensleeves.  As soon as they started to play a hush fell over the hall as the sound was magical.  Lucas played the drums and piano and Freya played the piano - what stars!  We were very proud!


Term 6

Week ending 8.7.16


We had an amazing end to the week with a visit to The Folkestone School for Girls to see Kidenza perform The Carnival of the Animals by Saint Saens.  We then walked to The Leas and had a picnic, before going down to the Coastal Park - a first for many of them.  


Star Readers of the Week:


Ivy and Beth

Term 6

Week ending 1.7.16

Another new month and we ended the week with a belated birthday party for Her Majesty The Queen on the occasion of her 90th birthday. Bunting was hung, balloons blown up and crowns decorated;  we sung the National Anthem and Happy Birthday before tucking in to savoury nibbles and cake.


As part of our Art/DT week we had a visit from Annie Begley;  she showed the children how to make leaves, flowers and minibeasts to adorn the Willow Dome (which she also created with the children).


We also had a visit from Mrs. Mayes and her daughter Jemima, who explained how she communicated via her talking computer and showed us her stop-frame animation, entitled 'The Dream'.  Jemima has Cerebal Palsy and good-humourdly answered the children's more personal questions!


What have we learned this week?


'I learned the names of parts of vehicles: the chassis, cab, body, wheels and axles.'

'I learned how to make a snail out of clay.'

'I made a thumb pot for my snail's shell.'

'I learned how some people are disabled.'

'I learned how Jemima can communicate using noises to make vibrations, which move the cursor over the word she wants.'

'I learned how to make bunting.'

'I found out that you need PVA glue to stick heavy things onto paper.'

'I learned to sing the first verse of The National Anthem.'


Star Reader of the Week: Lucas



Term 6

Week ending 24.6.16

Another week packed with sporting fun!  We have tried archery, golf,  athletics,  squash, Trigolf and  Tiempo Dance not to mention Sports' Day! 

Zara and Naomi took part in the County Gymnastic Competition as part of the KS 1 team. The team came second overall and Zara was individually fourth - an excellent achievement:  well done girls!


What have we learned this week?


'I learned about Vincent van Gogh.'

'I learned about homophones.'

'I learned how to blend pastels.'

'I learned how to paint a wash.'

'I learned how to draw a sunflower.'

'I learned about an Olympic athlete and wrote a profile.'

'I designed an Olympic mascot.'


'I loved Sports' Day!'


On Saturday another fun day - the Summer Fayre.  It was lovely to see so many families there, enjoying blazing sunshine and deluges of rain!  Sand Art and water is an interesting combination, but there were some amazing creations!


Term 6

Week ending 17.6.16

A really exciting week - the beginning of Olympic Fortnight!  We started by making our pledges - aims we wanted to achieve over the next two weeks.  The children have matured so much over the year, their writing is so thoughtful and well-crafted.


 What have we learned this week?


'I learned how to do archery.'

'I can aim an arrow and hit the target.'

'I enjoyed doing the hurdles in athletics.'

'I learned that hurling is like hockey.'

'I watched a man doing tricks on his bike.'

'I can do speed stacking.'

'I am finding out about an Olympic athlete.'

'I designed an Olympic mascot.'

'I can use column addition to add three digit numbers'

'I can carry a ten under the doorstep.'

'I can carry a hundred under the doorstep.'

'I glazed my Diva Lamp and decorated it.'

'I can say what things need to do to be alive.'

'I can name the continents and the oceans.


Reading Star of the Week: Zara

Welcome back to Term 6!

Term 6

Week ending 10.6.16

Lovely to be back!

We painted our Diva Lamps and got to grips with column subtraction - a varied week!




What have we learned this week?


'I learned about the difference between living things and things that are not alive.'

'I learned how to change the story of The Gruffalo and how to make a story map.'

'I learned how to add description for a character, using adjectives, WOW! words and similes.'

'I used The Rule of Three to add description to my setting.'

'I put time-connectives on my story map.'

'I learned to read my writing through to make sure it makes sense.'

'I learned how to do column subtraction by borrowing from next door.'

'I painted my Diva Lamp and found that the paint dries really quickly on clay.'


Star of the Week: Beth Raeburn for rising to the challenge of putting five given words into one sentence.


It is The Race for Life today - hope to see you on the Leas in half an hour!