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Agenda items for the meeting-

-School fund

-Feedback from the learning together event with a focus on writing


If you would like to add an agenda items prior to the meeting please contact the school office.

Present- Dan File (HT), Claire Short (DHT), Martin Turner (Governor), Parents- Jon Cheeseman, Jo Bradford & Jana Bartlett.


Thank you to those that attended this productive meeting.

School Fund

A discussion took place about increasing the take up on the donations to the school fund.

The money that is kindly donated to the school fund is ring-fenced to ensure that it is spent directly on the children in the school.  The fund is used for experiences outside of our core offer and statutory requirements.


Examples of how the money could be spent and the costs involved-

Artist in residence 1 afternoon each week to provide opportunities to explore Art and Design in a greater way.  Also to provide an after-school club.  Cost £6000 a year.


Astrodome Planetarium £350 for a day for all the children to experience the show.


Archery Club, Skiing, Trampolining, Dance workshops, School Radio Station, Pottery (investment in a kiln and equipment) costings to be obtained.


Jo and Jana would look at exploring funding opportunities.

Feedback from the Learning Together Event with a focus on Writing

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  Those present said that they enjoyed working alongside their children and now have a greater understanding of the expectations and process of writing in our school.

It was raised that parents with more than one child had to choose which class they went into.  

The next event was discussed and Science or Religious Education would be preferable topic areas. 


The questionnaire was discussed and it was raised that some parents would have liked to have known that the results would be reviewed by a parent governor- this may have had an impact on what they included in their comments as the parents governor was a friend of some other parents.


Parents asked when the skills audit may go out.  It was hoped that some of our parents may have areas of expertise that could be used, and therefore save the school money.


Next meeting- 12.03.2020 at 9am.