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- Welcome

- Reporting to parents throughout the year

- Website feedback from parents

- Numbers- how can we ensure we are full each year?

- Parent Audit of Skills



Mrs Basford, Mrs Skinner, Mary Martin (governor), Mr and Mrs Gendek, Mrs Brumley, Mrs Short and Mr File.

Reporting to parents-

A discussion was had about how we report to parents throughout the year.

Term 1- Drop-in and meet the teacher

Term 2- Parent/teacher meeting (Zoom or Face to Face to be discussed)

Term 3- Drop-in and see the books.

Term 4- Short written report with targets for parents to support.

Term 5- Drop-in and see the books.

Term 6- Written report with attendance and attainment data.


Parents also said that they like the workshop sessions that we did prior to the pandemic.

We will offer these next year.

Website feedback-

The feedback was that the new website is much better and more user friendly than the previous version.

It contains a lot of information. Parents would like to be directed to the key areas.

Class weekly updates are good and help parents discuss school with their children.


Admission numbers-

The perception from the wider community is that Elham Primary School is full and that it is hard to get a place. This was not the case as we have had lower than average numbers in EYFS for the past year.  

All parents were very happy and complimentary about the school.

Mrs Brumley will compile parents' positive comments and create a short film.

A map would also be created showing how far our children travel, the time it takes and their comments about Elham.

Parent Audit of skills-

A form would be created outlining parents' skills that they may be able to share in support of the school.