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Present- Dan File (Headteacher) Mrs Short (Deputy Head) Marie Brazier (Governor and parent Beech Class) Mary Robbins (Parent Acorn Class) Katie Brumley (Parent Willow Class) Jana Bartlett (Parent Willow Class) Kate Miller (Parent Silver-Birch and Hazel Class) Steve Skinner (Parent in Beech and Hazel Class) Michael Collingwood (Parent in Hazel Class) John Cheeseman (Parent in Acorn Class) Clare Bray (Parent in Acorn Class) Jan Frayne (Parent in Oak Class) Jo Bradford (Parent in Acorn and Willow Class) Elizabeth Rogan-Jamieson (Parent in Silver-Birch Class)


Thank you to those of you who attended the Parent Forum on Thursday.  We had a representative from each of our classes which enabled us to have a whole school perspective on the discussion points.  Mr File led the meeting. Mrs Short also attended to represent the teachers and Mrs Brazier was their as a parent and representing the Governing Body.

Discussion points for the meeting were not agreed in advance as it was the first meeting, however, we will be drawing up an agenda for the next meeting and maximum time slots will be given to each area.

During the meeting we discussed the following topics-

The proposed Telecommunications Mast– an overview of where we are at was given with contributions from the school and some parents.  Mr Skinner is happy to be contacted should you require any further information at this point.  The Governors have written to the company involved saying that we would object to the Mast at planning stage, due to its close proximity to the school.

Water bottles and children's’ access to water– all children do have access to water bottles provided from home throughout the day.  It was agreed that the teachers working with the younger children would remind them to have a drink during the day.  Water bottles should be taken home each day, washed and refilled.  They have access to refilling stations providing filtered water throughout the day.

Recycling– it was suggested that we collect metal cans and tins as this is a good way of raising awareness and understanding for the children.  It is also a way of raising extra funds for the school as it can be sold.  We have placed a wheelie bin to the right of the carpark school gates.  We will be collecting drink and food cans as well as any other small metal items.  A group of parents have offered to flatten and pack the metal into crates and it will then be taken to a recycling centre in Folkestone where we will have it weighed and receive payments for each load.  We will report back on the process in January.

Promoting the school– we discussed ways that we can promote our school.  It seems that some parents don’t put Elham down as a choice thinking that it is impossible to get a place.  This year we have 14 children in Foundation where we have a capacity of 20.  It was suggested that we raise our media profile by putting more evets in the local papers and look into social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 

The App- many parents are already using the App and those that are said it was very good.  It was explained that it will soon be used (combined with email) to make electronic bookings for parent/care consultations.  It is also a way of contacting groups and individual parents in a text like way.  

Pre-School- Elham Pre-School has a low number of children that attend.  Please promote this to others as it is a wonderful place for children to be and is a feeder for our school.

Village Hall use for productions- It was suggested that the school use the Village Hall for productions.  It has a great stage and the seating arrangements would mean that everyone would be able to see their children.  The logistics were discussed- rehearsal time with pre-school using the hall daily, cost, safety ratios etc.  


Agenda items for the next meeting-

-Social Media use to promote the school

-Cooking in school

-Skills audit for all stakeholders

-Learning together events