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School Improvement Plan

Our School Improvement Plan outlines our priorities for school improvement for this academic year.  The document is updated regulalry and a RAG system is used to show progress against the targets and actions in each area.

School Improvement Plan 2021-2022





The quality of education

1.1 CPD for all

Regular Pupil Progress meetings (led by CS and GF).

Develop staff subject knowledge through CPD (Creative Education and SDDs)

Refocus on whole staff awareness of III statements.

1.2 Creativity across the curriculum

Presentation to be consistent across the school. (Exemplars created)

Develop the use of the outdoor space. 

Termly class cooking.

More hands-on learning experiences.

Develop creativity through learning in all curriculum areas (particularly Art, DT, Music, and Dance.)

1.3 Presentation, care and respect in all we do

Presentation guidance/policy written.

Presentation to be consistent across the school. (Exemplars created)

School uniform to be consistent.  Staff dress code- professional. 

1.4 Develop the love of reading

Each class to have a book that the teacher reads to them.

Develop the library (stock, environment, etc)    ERIC.

Work with parents to promote reading at home. 

  • Inset for parents on how to read well with children at home.


Behaviour and attitudes 

2.1 Behaviour

Consistently implementation of the behaviour policy.

Staff to model exemplary behaviour at all times.

Rewards for good and expected behaviour.

Refocus the school values in all we do.

2.2 Rewards

Rewards for good and expected behaviour.

Merit badges to return.

Refocus the school values in all we do.

Celebration board to be developed in the hall.

2.3 Well Being

Develop children’s understanding of resilience and give them the tools to support growth in this area.

Refocus the school values in all we do.

Develop an understanding of wellbeing.

Well Being Walls to be developed so children understand how to share and support each other. 


Personal development 

3.1 PSHE

Focus on healthy lifestyles- sleep, eating, exercise, and relaxation.

Embed PSHE curriculum.

SRE to continue each term.

3.2 Well Being

Embrace and celebrate children’s successes outside of school.

Celebrate individuality.

Develop the garden area for use by all children.

Weekly P4C to be developed.

Develop links with the village.

Develop well-being courses for all stakeholders.

3.3 Rich Learning Experiences

Termly whole school artist.

Expand DT, Art, Dance, Drama and music.

Provide richer learning experiences through WOW days and themed activities/weeks.


Leadership and management

4.1 CPD

See 1.1

Development of subject leadership- how well do they know their subject?

Target Tracker training for all staff to develop an understanding of whole school data.

4.2 Monitoring

The monitoring timetable is to run through the year.  It will include all staff and governors.

Target Tracker training for all staff to develop an understanding of whole school data.

4.3 Well-being

Teachers will be available after school until 4.30 pm.

Well-being leads to provide opportunities and support for all staff and children.

Email response time to be followed (discuss with staff to agree with timescale)


Early Years


5.1 Meaningful assessment and monitoring

Tapestry is to be developed to record observations and to keep parents informed on progress and development.

5.2 CPD for all staff

All staff to know the new EYFS curriculum and focus.

Baseline process to be shared with the whole team.

ALL staff to spend time in Early Years to develop understanding.

5.3 Best possible learning experiences

The outdoor space is to be developed so that it is as good as it can be for EYFS and Year 1 children.

Follow Area 3 on SIP.