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Times tables

All of the children work towards our Bronze Badge to begin with and move up as they complete every question correctly:


Test 1 is 2, 5, 10 x tables

Test 2 is 3, 4, 6 x tables

Test 3 is 7, 8, 9 x tables


Silver 1:  2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and divide

Silver 2: 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x, 11x, 12x and divide

Silver 3: all x tables, 100 questions


Gold 1: Multiplication of larger numbers

Gold 2: Multiplication and division of even larger numbers

Gold 3: Multiplcation of even larger numbers!


We recommend that the children practise every day - there are lots of resources online eg:


and they really love these songs:


of course, pen and paper and chanting can all help too!