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Term 2 

Week 2

Week ending 12.11.21


On the 11.11.21, we had a Remembrance Assembly , led by Mr. David Whitethread, and learned about how The British Legion helps wounded soldiers and their families.'  At eleven o'clock we held a two minutes silence in class to remember those who died for us.


Did you spot the palindromic date: 12.11.21? We did!


What else have we learned this week?


'I learned the alternative graphemes - 'oa', 'ow', 'oe', and 'o-e' for the 'oa' phoneme.'

'I learned about 2D shapes and could describe their properties.'

'I can count in tens, forwards and backwards.'

'I could talk about interesting things on the 'Incarnation' page of The Big Frieze'.

'I learned about the needs of animals.'

'I learned about Picasso and made a self portrait collage in his style.'

'I made a story map of The Enormous Turnip and added time-connectives and adjectives.'

'I started to write the story of The Enormous Turnip.'

'I learned how they do the washing in Tocuaro and compared it with how we do the washing at home.'

'We learned to play team games with a ball.'