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Arethusa 2018

Tuesday 27th February

Dear Year 5 and Year 6,

Following our return from Arethusa (Aretusa) today, I wanted to write you all a note to say how proud I am of you all.  We had a wonderful couple of days away in Rochester.  Firstly, you impressed me with the enthusiasm you had as we left on Monday morning- it is always hard leaving the people we love, but you were brave as you waved goodbye.

When we arrived at the centre, you unpacked and I had great pleasure in seeing your wide-eyes open as you took in the new surroundings and settled in to your rooms.

The staff at Arethusa commented on how polite and well behaved you were and this always fills me with pride.

You were all so kind to each other.  It was the little things I noticed- the hand on the shoulder to offer reassurance.  The smiles you gave eachother to say ‘it will be okay’ without using words.  The laughs you shared even when the jokes weren’t was the little things!

During the activities you challenged yourselves.  You climbed the high ropes in wellies.  You walked blindfold through a snowy woodland. You were amazing!

I am so sorry that the staff at Arethusa decided that they needed to close the centre. It is always my main priority to keep you all safe and I believe we made the right decision to bring you all home.  The disappointment on your faces when I told you that we had to come home broke my heart.  I will do my best to make it up to you and will arrange something special before the end of term 6 in July!

Thank you for being amazing and letting me share the last couple of days with you.  I think you are all great!

From Mr File

Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning  1

Good morning.

Everyone slept really well (except Mr File, who had no heating in his room). It was hard to get to sleep because some people were running around outside...they soon got tired and went back to their beds.

The best part of our visit so far was seeing Mrs Pullen sliding down a muddy hill and struggling to get to the top.



Monday 26th February 2018

Hot Chocolate before bed...(we hope!)

Monday 26th February 11.30am

We have all arrived safely and have had a tour of the site, talked about health and safety, had a fire drill and been told about the week ahead.  Here are the photos so far.

We have 36 very excited children!