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Term 6

Term 6 week 2

This week we have been focusing on how we can help the planet.  The children wrote pledges on leaf rubbings, saying how they intend to help.

All children did the phonics screening this week and their results will be in the end of year school report.  On Wednesday we had a little party and watched a film, to celebrate all their hard work. Please make sure the children continue to practise their spellings at home, as only one child got all their spellings correct this week!

Gerald's Travels - 13.6.19

Gerald's Travels - 13.6.19 1

Gerald had a busy weekend again! I bet he is exhausted. As you can see form the map he has been to a couple of place this weekend. I wonder if any of the children can remember who he watched doing the race for life this weekend?  We spoke about where Hawkinge was on the map again and the class were able to remember where it was near form last lesson. Well done Hazel class... keep it up!

Term 6 week 1

A warm welcome back to the longest and last term!

Your children have come home with a phonics screening sheet for them to practise sounding out and blending words at home with  you.  Next week the children will take the phonics screening test in school and after everyone has taken the test we will have a little party to celebrate all the hard work we have put in.  You will notice that there are some words highlighted on the sheet and these are the words they will also need to be able to spell for their spelling test on Friday.


The children came into school very excited about their costumes and really enjoyed talking about themselves.  Later on in English we role-played phoning the WWF .




We went for a walk around our local area and we found out a lot of new information about the buildings. We learnt so much!

Hazel class were able recall so much information from our walk that they AMAZED Mrs Pullen. 

We then looked on a map and drew the route we took and labeled the buildings we saw on our journey. This helped Hazel class to practise their map skills. 

Thank you Janice for sharing all of knowledge with us!

Our trip around the village - 6.6.19

Gerald's Travels - 3.6.19

Gerald's Travels - 3.6.19 1

This half term holidays, Gerald had a very adventurous week! As you can see form the map h has been to lots of different places (some of them even more than once). He even got to go to the beach and have pancakes twice in one week.  In our lesson today we found these places on a map and we spoke about how to find places that are not named on a map.  I cannot wait to find out who is going to be having next weekend. 


This week in our Topic lesson we are going to be going for a walk around Elham village to look at the history of our local area. We are looking forward to planning our trip around the village and hope to learn lots that we can share with you.