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Term 6

7.6.19 Wear It Wild!

The children have had lots of fun dressing up and raising money for WWF. This afternoon they had a chance to find out about some of the animals that WWF protects and have learned about the threats to endangered species. They have learned about palm oil and which products contain sustainable palm oil. Here is the link to Chester Zoo website - they have a comprehensive list for shopping!

We are now planning a palm oil free picnic for later in the term, so take a look at the list!


Our class winner for dressing up today was wolf-girl Rosa with her beautiful painted ears and fluffy tail - can you spot her in our wild line-up?

Picture 1

4.6.19 KIC Theatre

The children have had a fantastic afternoon of drama -they created shapes, letters, the Titanic and acted out scenes from the building of the ship to the stocking and crewing, to when they hit the iceberg. The children all worked excellently with partners and in teams, showing their listening and co-operating skills. Well done Beech class - team points all round!


Welcome back to Term 6!

We've got SO much planned for the next 7 weeks....

We started today with being Story Detectives and I'm looking forward to seeing what stories the children will innovate using an artifact from home. Today we began with an old Austrian musical box...

In Science we started investigating electrical conductors and Mr File popped in with his McDonalds squeeky toy to show the children how they can make a human electrical circuit! (I'll let them explain it to you!)

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