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Silver Birch

Term 1

Week 1 - This has been a very successful return back to school. For some of you it has been a big change moving classroom and teacher. The class has really bonded well. 


This week we were lucky to start our term with a visitor from the Shepway Sports Trust. His name was Josh Kennedy. He is an amateur boxer and has represented his country. He gave us a whistle stop tour about the skills needed for boxing and we all had a go with the gloves and learnt stance, punch, movement, and the fitness and reactions needed to be a boxer. It was a  great insight into the demands required. The kids all had a great time. 


We have begun our Literacy Topic and are reading a book called 'Return from Pompeii'. We will be creating our stories using this for our base. It also links nicely with our current Topic on Romans. The children have enjoyed listening to the story of how Rome began its existence. We will be looking at the Roman ruling systems that were used next.


In Maths we are currently looking at Time and understanding both Analogue and Digital times and how to write these. 


Please continue to read every night and work on your current times tables. This week will be the start of our spellings which will be tested every Thursday. 

Have a wonderful weekend and come back to school Monday with those great big smiles. smiley

Mrs Everitt and Mrs Hall

Week 2

This week has been a really good continuation of learning from last week. The children are settled and already in learning mode for the year. 
We have continued with our learning of time; looking at both analogue and digital times and converting between the two. Can you show someone at home how you do this? We have also been looking at large numbers with addition. 


In writing we have been reading the book 'Escape from Pompeii'. This week we have written poems based on this story and added actions to our poems for when we recite them.


Science has been exploring all about classification - putting animals into particular groups. 


In Topic we began to explore about the Roman Army and what made them so successful. We investigated the Armour and Weaponry used by the Romans and designed our own shield. We will be making these in the next few weeks.


Keep up all your hard work kids! 


Mrs Hall, Mrs Everitt and Mrs Glass

Tuesday 26th September 2017

Today we explored a volcano eruption using a parachute.  We started off by being small tremors, and then being mighty Mount Vesuvius when its top exploded, a cloud of ash rose to the heavens and molten lava flowed down covering the city of Pompeii.  We then went back to class and wrote a descriptive recount of the tragic event that happened in AD79.

Tree and leaf detectives as part of our Science lesson on classifying living things

Week 3

This week the children have worked hard learning to tell the time on both Analogue and Digital clocks and we will be looking to include the 24 hour clock next week. Ask an adult to ask you some time problems and see if you can solve them.

The children have also been investigating different suffixes and how these affect the meaning of words. Can you remember any that we have looked at and the rules that apply?


The spellings for this week are as follows:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
smudge businesses occasion
wedge calendar occasionally
gel caught often
gem centre opposite
gent recentre opposition 
giant century ordinary
magic certain ordinarily
tragic uncertain particular
imagine certainty particularly
giraffe circle peculiar


Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday. 


Mrs Everitt, Mrs Hall and Mrs Glass

Week 4

This week we have finished learning about time. We are feeling more confident to tell the time on an analogue clock and a digital clock. We have begun to learn about the 24 hour clock. Please test us on our 24 hour knowledge!

In Literacy we wrote our HOT TASK (creating our own story about Pompeii). We used new characters and described our settings based on the class story 'Escape from Pompeii'.

In Science, we looked at Trees; learning about the leaves and how this can distinguish what tree it is. 

This week has been interesting and fun. We have enjoyed our learning and working together. 


Look forward to seeing you all next week!

Mrs Everitt, Mrs Hall and Mrs Glass

Week 5

We have really enjoyed our Maths lessons this week because we have been using column addition and subtraction using word problems. See if somebody at home can give you a problem and you solve it with column addition or subtraction...

This week in our Literacy lessons, we have concentrated really hard on our handwriting. We need to make sure that it is neat and legible. 

In topic, we have been researching the Roman Army. On Friday, we made Roman Shields that are typical with yellow and red colours, symmetrical patterns of wings, feathers, horns, lines etc. We will be using these in our Drama lesson next week. 

KIC Theatre came to see us on Friday, and we had the opportunity to act out different superheroes and villains. We then transformed our superheroes into Roman Gods; Jupiter, Venus, Neptune and more. It was great fun!!! Look at our photos.


Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday.


Mrs Everitt, Mrs Hall and Mrs Glass


P.s. I have given out an extra sheet to practise spellings this week. They are all stapled into reading record books. 



Week 6

This week has been our BOOK WEEK. It has been full of fun and exciting adventures. 

We had a visit from the author Ian MacDonald who read some of his stories to us. We loved listening to these: Eyeball soup and Skateboard Gran.

We also had a visit from The Tales from the Book of Life. We listened to fantastic tales whilst beautiful music was playing. We listened to a harp, a flute, a violin and a whistle. 


Our school are making a Triennial Art display of pebbles that we have decorated. We used acrylic paint to design our own patterns and they will be put on display soon. 


On Friday we got to dress up as superheroes of our choice. Some of these included super villains like Cat Woman, and superheroes like Superman and Spiderman. We had everyday superheroes in our class to include vets, doctors, policemen and Mr File himself. 


On Wednesday, we got the chance to write about a day in the life of a superhero. Next time you come into school please take the time to read this.


Hope you have the best half term and come back to us with loads of stories to tell.


Mrs Everitt, Mrs Hall and Mrs Glass

Term 2

Week 1

This week has been a fantastic return to school, with the children all being enthused and happy to be here. We have introduced new topics and are continuing to expand their learning. 


We have introduced our Science topic about States of Matter. Can you tell an adult what this means? How many states have we learnt about? We were able to act out different states and how the particles move. This was entertaining!

In GPS we have discussed the use of conjunctions and how to extend our sentences.

In maths we have been learning the value of money (the different coins and notes) that we use. We have extended our learning further by introducing problems finding total amounts and possibilities of ways of paying. 


Please talk to your families about what you are doing in school and share your learning. Be proud of your growing knowledge and share!! 


Have the best weekend. See you next week.


Mrs Everitt, Mrs Hall and Mrs Glass

Week 2

This week we have been concentrating on our understanding of Pronouns and how these can help stop repetition. It is quite common to get these muddled up so why don't you tell an adult what you know about pronouns? 


We have also continued our learning with Romans and have been learning about Boudica (a Roman lady who fought for her Kingdom). 

In Maths we have concentrated on doubling and halving, to help with our multiplication. We have also continued with money and coin values and finding various totals.


Mr Shackleton came in to talk to us about the War and his experiences. It was amazing to listen to these and here what he has done. This gave us some real appreciation for the war heros of our country.  


We hope you all have a fantastic weekend and return safely to us on Monday with your big smiles on your faces. 


Mrs Hall, Mrs Everitt and Mrs Glass. 

Today we were film producers! Making a clip to give instructions on how to make a pirate hat.

Week 3

This week has been packed full of learning...

English - we have investigated Adverbs and how we use these in our sentences. We have also been writing instructions and filming these. It was really good fun. 

Maths - we have been looking at units of length. Can you remember which ones we have been working with? We have looked at multiplication and the grid method to find the answer. Can you demonstrate this to an adult at home?

Science - we conducted an experiment with gases and how we could make a fizzy drink lighter by adding more gas to it. What happened? What did your results show?

PE - we have been exploring a new sport called TRIGOLF. It has been really good to try a sport that involves more precision and patience, than power and speed. The children have really enjoyed playing it. 


I look forward to starting a new week with you hope you all have a great fun filled weekend. Look forward to hearing all about it.


Mrs Everitt, Mrs Hall and Mrs Glass.