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Silver Birch

Term 1

Week 1 - This has been a very successful return back to school. For some of you it has been a big change moving classroom and teacher. The class has really bonded well. 


This week we were lucky to start our term with a visitor from the Shepway Sports Trust. His name was Josh Kennedy. He is an amateur boxer and has represented his country. He gave us a whistle stop tour about the skills needed for boxing and we all had a go with the gloves and learnt stance, punch, movement, and the fitness and reactions needed to be a boxer. It was a  great insight into the demands required. The kids all had a great time. 


We have begun our Literacy Topic and are reading a book called 'Return from Pompeii'. We will be creating our stories using this for our base. It also links nicely with our current Topic on Romans. The children have enjoyed listening to the story of how Rome began its existence. We will be looking at the Roman ruling systems that were used next.


In Maths we are currently looking at Time and understanding both Analogue and Digital times and how to write these. 


Please continue to read every night and work on your current times tables. This week will be the start of our spellings which will be tested every Thursday. 

Have a wonderful weekend and come back to school Monday with those great big smiles. smiley

Mrs Everitt and Mrs Hall

Week 2

This week has been a really good continuation of learning from last week. The children are settled and already in learning mode for the year. 
We have continued with our learning of time; looking at both analogue and digital times and converting between the two. Can you show someone at home how you do this? We have also been looking at large numbers with addition. 


In writing we have been reading the book 'Escape from Pompeii'. This week we have written poems based on this story and added actions to our poems for when we recite them.


Science has been exploring all about classification - putting animals into particular groups. 


In Topic we began to explore about the Roman Army and what made them so successful. We investigated the Armour and Weaponry used by the Romans and designed our own shield. We will be making these in the next few weeks.


Keep up all your hard work kids! 


Mrs Hall, Mrs Everitt and Mrs Glass