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Term 6

Term Six, Week One

So, we have finally arrived at our last term at Elham School. It is set to be a very busy and exciting time, with the KS2 production of Bugsy Malone and trips to the beach and Kent Police Headquarters.

Rehearsals for the play started in earnest this week and it was very pleasing to see how many of the children are near-perfect with their lines already. On Tuesday, we were visited by Ian from KIC Theatre and he worked with us on our characterisation and acting skills, which was not only fun and engaging, but also very useful to us at this stage of our rehearsals. Mr Elgar kindly put up the stage for us this week, so we had our first rehearsal using it on Friday morning. No-one has fallen off it yet, but we have a long way to go with making sure everyone knows when to come on and off, and how to act once they are on stage. This will certainly come with practice and we can all look forward to a professional production which will offer lots of fun and laughter.

Amongst other things this week, Mrs Short taught us about the effects of alcohol on the human body and we then wrote a fact file about it. If you would like to see some of the areas we learnt about, have a look at the presentation below.

In PE, this term's focus is on athletics, in preparation for sports day. In today's assembly, Mr File told us we would be having a whole sports week, with really fun activities and the opportunity to win points each day  towards our house totals at the end of sports day. 

Thursday saw our governor's visiting to observe us in our RE lessons. We welcomed Mrs Brazier into our class, where she joined in with us working in small groups to look at the effect the resurrection has had on different people such as C S Lewis, Gandhi, St Paul and Richard Dawkins (a prominent atheist). She seemed to enjoy our lesson, but perhaps not as much as the previous one in Acorns Class where she had taken part in a re-telling of the story of Noah's Arc with the children as the animals!

Have a great weekend and take a little time to make sure you are word-perfect with your lines for Monday please.


This week's spellings: