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Governor Activity Log

Governor Attendance

This page will be used to log governor visits and meetings (active from 24.05.16)

Strategy Group Meeting Tuesday 7th September  2017

The group met to discuss  the School Improvement Plan and staffing.

Full  Governing Body   Tuesday 3rd October 2017

New member,  Appointment of  Committees and Areas of Responsibility, Policy 

Updates, Data, Staffing

Curriculum  Committee  Meeting Thursday   28th September

The group met to discuss monitoring the curriculum and had an update on the new RE 


Finance & Property Committee  Meeting Monday  25th September

The group met to discuss budget monitoring and property updates.

Strategy Group Meeting Wednesday 20th September

The group met to discuss staffing and the School Improvement Plan.

Full Governing Body Tuesday 4th July

The FGB met to discuss the Headteachers Report and summary of the year. 

Curriculum Group Thursday 8th June

The group met to discuss curriculum updates as well as looking at the SIP and predicted results.

Strategy Group Meeting Wednesday 7th June

The group met to discuss staffing, budget implications and arrangements for the next academic year.

Full Governing Body Meeting Wednesday 24th May

The budget was discussed and signed off by the FGB.

Curriculum Meeting Thursday 16th March

The committee met to discuss curriculum updates and discuss progress towards the SIP.

HUB Chair of Governors Meeting Wednesday 15th March

The Chair of Govenors, from our 7 HUB Schools met at Elham Primary School.

Full Governing Body Tuesday 7th February

New members, Policy Updates, SFVS and staffing.

Curriculum Meeting Tuesday 31st January

School Improvement Plan updates, monitoring and assessment and data presentation.

Strategy Group Wednesday 25th January

Staffing and recruitment.  

Full Governing Body Wednesday 7th December 2016

Headteacher report including questions and answer session.

Finance Meeting Tuesday 6th December

Budget monitoring updates and future projects.

Curriculum Meeting Tuesday 15th November

School Council presentation by members, curriculum updates, EYFS overview, SIP monitoring, extra curricular activities and assessment discussed.

Strategy Group Wednesday 9th November

SIP monitoring updates, staffing and parent survey discussed.

Finance & Property Meeting Monday 3rd October

Budget checking, summer building works, grounds maintenance, new build and road safety.

Curriculum Meeting Tuesday 27th September

SIP evaluation and responsibility allocation.  

SIP Monitoring Meeting Tuesday 20th September

Allocation of governor responsibility for each area of the SIP.  

Strategy Group Meeting Wednesday 7th September 2016

Presentation of the School Improvement Plan 2016-2017 and a review of the previous year.

Full Governing Body Thursday 7th July 2016

The Full Governing Body met following the circulation of the Headteacher report followed by questions and AOB.

Strategy Group Wednesday 6th July 2016

The group met to discuss School Data, SIP 2015-2016 and SIP 2016-2017.

Finance & Property Committee Wednesday 29th June

The group met to discuss the school budget, monthly monitoring and works due to take place on SJW Hall and the KS2 toilet refurbishment. 

Curriculum Committee Wednesday 15th June 2016

The committee met to discuss curriculum updates, EYFS and Science.  Miss Burgess, who leads on Science, gave an overview of Science and how we are moving forward.

Strategy Group Meeting on Tuesday 24th May 2016

The Strategy Group met to review the School Improvement Plan (SIP) 2015-2016 and discuss the first draft of the SIP 2016-2017.