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HAZEL CLASS 2017 - 2018

HAZEL CLASS 2017 - 2018 1

Term 3 week 2

This week we welcome Mr Draper, a third year student, who will be working in Hazel Class with the children for the next few months.  It is great to have an extra person in class, and the children always respond well to a new face!  Mr Draper will be teaching a substantial amount of the lessons.  We also welcome Mrs Slingsby, who has offered us her support once a week.  


This term the children are learning about The Great Fire of London.  They are being taught this topic through English, in the form of a non-fiction text, which they will learn through our usual 'Talk for Writing', in which children learn first to 'talk' a text, then write it.  The children are enthused by the subject and it is interesting to see how many facts they already know about the historical event.  The topic will also link to our Science topic 'materials' and our Art topic.  The children have also posed some really interesting questions.





Using manipulatives to find 10s and 1s to make 2-digit numbers

Term 3 week 1

We have taken these two days of school to familiarise all the children with Mathletics.  The children's passwords are in the front of their reading records, so they can log on whenever they want to!  Please encourage your child to use Mathletics.  The activities are fun and engaging.

Term 2 week 7

The children have had a lovely variety of Christmas activities this week.  During the week they made their Christingles, Christmas cards  and crowns for the Christmas lunch.  Today they enjoyed playing with their games brought in from home and watching a DVD  with a carton of popcorn each.

In their bags you should find their end of term report with an explanation of what the gradings mean.  We have also assessed them against this term's targets and set some new ones.  In their reading record you will find a black and white copy of this term's targets saying whether or not they met them.

We wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing the children back on January 4th 2018!

Christmas kings and King Flynn

Christmas kings and King Flynn 1


At the cinema

At the cinema 1

Term 2 weeks 5 & 6

Last week and this week the children have been continuing to innovate their texts about Harvey Slumfenburger.  The children are beginning to develop the resilience needed to write longer texts.  This comes easily to some, but is a struggle for many.  Some children bring 'work they have done at home' into school to show us in the mornings and this is an excellent way to get children excited at home about the writing process.  Team points get handed out and the children are invited to read their sentences/number sentences out to the others.  Up until now the 'work' has mostly been based on the alphabet, but now I have told the children I would like to see a whole sentence or two...


We  have had many rehearsals for the nativity play and today was the dress rehearsal!  The children are looking forward to acting in front of their mums and dads!


There are no spellings to learn for next week.  The children will be much too busy enjoying themselves...



Term 2 weeks 3&4

The children are learning their songs for the Nativity play and tickets have gone out to parents.  Some of you will have received a note asking you to send some clothes in.  If you haven't had one this is because the costume is being provided by us, but please check your child's book bag.  Most of the rehearsals have been in the afternoon, but we had one last Wednesday morning and I was impressed with their singing and behaviour.

Our Talk for Writing text is based on a book by the timeless John Burningham and is a Christmas Story called Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas Present.  It is a story with lots of repetitive language that the children can join in with.  Please have a look at the story map below and ask your child to read the summary to you.

In maths we have been focusing on addition and subtraction by counting on and back.  The children are getting to grips with using a number line and understanding that teen numbers are 'ten and some more ones' - lots of children still say forty instead of fourteen, fifty instead of fifteen, so this is an area you could help with.  We have played  Snakes and Ladders and other counting games to support their counting.  In week 5 the children will be comparing numbers to 20 and recognising the value of coins.


Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas Present

Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas Present 1

Term 2 week 2

This week children have been working hard at their number bonds to 5, 6, 7 and 10.  They have also been adding and taking away numbers up to ten.  You can help at home by asking them questions like, "If I put two forks on the table and you put two more on, how many forks are there on the table altogether?" or "There are five smarties in my hand.  I eat two.  How many are there left?"

We had fun meeting a man from the fire brigade.  The children enjoyed trying on their clothes and know exactly what to do if there's a fire at home and what number to dial!


Term 2 week 1

The children have worked very hard this week and we have two new members to our lovely class, making it now 20 children!  A warm welcome to Miles and Rohan, who have both fitted in well.  Can you spot them on the class photograph?

This week we have been ordering numbers, saying one more and one less than specific numbers and learning ordinal numbers.   In English we  have been writing a poem about our bodies.  Can the children tell you what they wrote about themselves?  



Your children have come home with targets for next term.  These are stuck in their reading records and should remain there.  Please read their targets with them and explain them so they come back to school knowing what their targets are, ready to work on them!

Many thanks,

Ms Shepherd & Mrs Grady

A note about reading records

We  have had several comments in reading records, saying that an adult has not listened to them read for a week or two.  This is not the case.  Your children are heard during guided reading, we have volunteers come in during the week and next term year 5 children will also be listening to them.  Please don't assume that because there is not a comment or a stamp in the book, we are not listening to your children read.

Thank you,

Ms Shepherd & Mrs Grady

Term1 week7 BOOK WEEK

Hazel Super Heroes

Hazel Super Heroes 1

Jane Phillips kindly read her book to Hazel Class. If your child would like a copy they can order one from Mrs Ferguson.

Jane Phillips kindly read her book to Hazel Class.  If your child would like a copy they can order one from Mrs Ferguson. 1


The week started with a wonderful story telling and music session by Tales from the Book of Life.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Term 1 week 6

To mark the beginning of book week we had Ian 'The Bendy Man' come and take the children on an amazing super hero journey to a planet to rescue an alien.  Don't forget next week is Book Week and on Friday all children need to dress up as their very own superheroes!

Term 1 week 5

We have started our first Talk For Writing of the year!  The children learn a story off by heart, by reading a story map (See below) and using signs and symbols to remember it.  Then they 'box up' the text into five sections:  opening, build-up, problem, resolution and ending.  Can they explain what these words mean to you?  Can your child read the whole story to you?  When you read a story to them, it will really be helpful if you can get them to identify the different parts of the story, using the words we use in class.  Thank you!


The story of Knuffle Bunny (a cautionary tale)

The story of Knuffle Bunny (a cautionary tale) 1
The story of Knuffle Bunny (a cautionary tale) 2

Term 1 week 3

Your children are bringing their first set of spellings home this week.  Spellings will be sent home on a Friday in a small green book.  The children will need to practise their spellings with you  and then they will have a spelling quiz on the following Friday.  They will use the same book for the quiz, so you will be able to see how they have done.  It is really important that the green book comes back into school on Friday please.

You will also find a fun practice sheet for the children to record their spellings on as they practise them during the week.


The children have started their afternoon schedule this week, with different teachers.  They have had a great time learning with Mr File, Mrs Godden, Mrs Waters & Mrs Fergusson.  

The children are working really hard at their cursive handwriting.  Here are some photos for you to celebrate with them.

Developmental marking (Pink for Think, Green for Go)

Term 1 week 2

It was good to meet many of you on our 'meet the teacher' day.  I  hope you found the information helpful and enjoyed letting the children show you around the classroom.


The children have managed really well in this first full week of school.  Routines are becoming established and we are ready now to do some serious learning!


Below are some pictures of the children doing Guided Reading activities.  While one group reads with the teacher, other groups do independent activities: ordering the letters of the alphabet, reading alphabet books in the book corner and working in the Prayer and Reflection corner, either writing prayers or trying to match pictures and sentences to one of our six different values.

Guided Reading Activities


We have spent the whole week trying to learn the names of the letters of the alphabet, through books, sorting letters, creating a class alphabet and singing and chanting.  Please help your children learn the letter names as this is one of the year 1 targets.  They need to be able to say the names as well as the sounds.

Term 1 Week 1

A very warm welcome to Hazel Class.

Your children are wonderful and have settled into the class beautifully.  I look forward to meeting you all next Wednesday, when you will be able to look round the class.  Please do introduce yourselves to me, as many of us have not yet met!  I only work in the mornings, so appreciate that some of you will want to make appointments to see me if you have any concerns.  Just ask the adult who brings the children out at the end of the day to let me know and I will contact you.


Here are some pictures of your children changing their books and settling down to read first thing in the morning.  

This week we have been talking about our holidays.  The children have drawn 'selfies' and written about the things they did over the summer.