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Term 1 week 3

Your children are bringing their first set of spellings home this week.  Spellings will be sent home on a Friday in a small green book.  The children will need to practise their spellings with you  and then they will have a spelling quiz on the following Friday.  They will use the same book for the quiz, so you will be able to see how they have done.  It is really important that the green book comes back into school on Friday please.

You will also find a fun practice sheet for the children to record their spellings on as they practise them during the week.


The children have started their afternoon schedule this week, with different teachers.  They have had a great time learning with Mr File, Mrs Godden, Mrs Waters & Mrs Fergusson.  

The children are working really hard at their cursive handwriting.  Here are some photos for you to celebrate with them.

Developmental marking (Pink for Think, Green for Go)

Term 1 week 2

It was good to meet many of you on our 'meet the teacher' day.  I  hope you found the information helpful and enjoyed letting the children show you around the classroom.


The children have managed really well in this first full week of school.  Routines are becoming established and we are ready now to do some serious learning!


Below are some pictures of the children doing Guided Reading activities.  While one group reads with the teacher, other groups do independent activities: ordering the letters of the alphabet, reading alphabet books in the book corner and working in the Prayer and Reflection corner, either writing prayers or trying to match pictures and sentences to one of our six different values.

Guided Reading Activities


We have spent the whole week trying to learn the names of the letters of the alphabet, through books, sorting letters, creating a class alphabet and singing and chanting.  Please help your children learn the letter names as this is one of the year 1 targets.  They need to be able to say the names as well as the sounds.

Term 1 Week 1

A very warm welcome to Hazel Class.

Your children are wonderful and have settled into the class beautifully.  I look forward to meeting you all next Wednesday, when you will be able to look round the class.  Please do introduce yourselves to me, as many of us have not yet met!  I only work in the mornings, so appreciate that some of you will want to make appointments to see me if you have any concerns.  Just ask the adult who brings the children out at the end of the day to let me know and I will contact you.


Here are some pictures of your children changing their books and settling down to read first thing in the morning.  

This week we have been talking about our holidays.  The children have drawn 'selfies' and written about the things they did over the summer.