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We have continued to look at fractions in maths and the children have been introduced to quarters this week.  They understand that a half is one of two parts and that a quarter is one of four parts.  What they struggle with is remembering that the parts must be equal!  At snack time we have started asking them if they want a half or a whole or two halves and we will do the same with quarters.  It would help us enormously if  you could do this at home too at meal or snack times!

This week in Science we are taking a look at plants that grow in the garden.  The children are able to name some common plants and they had the opportunity to examine roots, leaves, stalks, petals and seeds.

In DT we have continued to try and make a boat that floats.  This week's task was to make a raft out of sticks - not easy!  We had to cheat and use glue instead of string as we are not very good at tying things together yet!.  We will add sails and a mast and test them next week to see how well they float.

In PE we enjoyed warming up by playing volcanos and craters.  Then we played a new game to help us with our overarm throwing.  Some of us were brilliant at dodging the ball, others brilliant at aiming.