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Hazel Class

week 5

Please remember that unless you write in your child's reading record we have no idea if they are reading regularly at home.  A big thank you to those who do fill in the book.

We have had a very busy week. The rehearsals for our nativity play are going well and all the children are working hard to remember the words to the songs and the actions. It is going to be wonderful!


In English, the children finished writing their innovated stories based on Walter's Wonderful Web. The children are really persevering with their handwriting.


In Maths, we have been using a part-whole model to write number sentences. Part-whole thinking refers to how numbers can be split into parts. This allows children to see the relationship between a number and its component parts. As a result, the children will begin to see the relationship between addition and subtraction.  

A special visitor arrives!

Part-whole models in maths.

improving our mouse skills as we create Christmas cards

It is really great to see how children are persevering with this tricky activity.  The concentration on their faces is incredible!  

Class Walk

On Friday December 6th in the afternoon we will be going on a class walk around the village to look for 'signs of Christmas'.  We will also visit the church to see what preparations have been made to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Week 4

We are continuing to work with tens and units in as many different visual ways to help the children understand what a ten is and that a teen number is a number with a ten and some ones.  Thinking of the number as a whole and splitting it into parts (in hoops) helped.

In Computing the children are getting to grips with using the left side of a mouse.  They have used PAINT to create their own fireworks pictures... lots of new skills for them to acquire!

Week 3

It has been a busy week in Hazel class. In maths, we have been counting forwards and backwards to 20 and finding out the difference between tens and ones. We have been partitioning numbers into more than one part using a part-whole model. 


In English, the children have innovated their own stories based on Walter's wonderful web.


We have been practising our nativity play and in RE we have talked about how we would prepare for the arrival of a new baby. The children have designed their own nursery for a baby - these will be displayed in the hall. Next week we will be comparing their nursery designs to the birthplace of Jesus. 

We'll soon be going on a walk around Elham looking for signs of Christmas. 


In Science, we have been learning about our sense of hearing. We used drama to act out a story called The Listening Walk by Paul Showers. 


In DT the children used their folding and cutting skills to make a pop-up card. Some children made their own pop-cards at home and they look great! 


We look forward to meeting you at parents evening next week.   

Week 2

This week the children have learnt the plot of a story called Walter's Wonderful Web, a story of perseverance.  The children have rehearsed the story orally and next week they will be using the story map we have created to make some changes of their own to the story.  

We have continued to talk about another story, The Lost Son (The Prodigal Son) and the children have learned that this type of story is called a parable.  We also looked at a new parable The Lost Ring.




Story map of Walter's Wonderful Web

Story map of Walter's Wonderful Web 1

Walter's Wonderful Web - a story of perserverance

Still image for this video

Term 2

Week 1

Welcome back to school everybody.  We are continuing our theme 'Animal Magic' this term, which will gradually be replaced by another theme...Christmas!  Where possible, we will try to keep the animal theme going.  

This week the children have imagined which animal they would be if they were animals.  They tried hard to think about the characteristics of the animal they chose and then painted a picture of the animal.  They have also created woollen pompoms, as the basis for a Christmas decoration, so make sure there will be room for something whitish and fluffy!

We have really enjoyed doing dough disco - the hand strengthening exercises should impact on their writing, as will the rubber pencil holders that we are putting on their pencils.

Sadly, many children were off sick this week, so they will be playing catch-up next week.  Best wishes to all of you who are at home in bed.

animal painting and pompom making

week 7

Our last week of term and what a treat it is proving to be!  Not only have we had lots of interesting guests for Book Week, but we have also been visited by the vet!

Lauren from the Vet's surgery pays us a visit

Fun with the poet Tony Peek

Week 6 

In science we have been drawing and labelling the parts of a fish using scientific vocabulary. 

Months of the Year Song

Still image for this video
The children had a great time collecting, making and having fun at Forest School on Monday.

Week 5

This week the children have been using lacrosse sticks in PE.  First of all they practised rolling and catching the ball, then they got their hands on the sticks!


The children are upskilling themselves in ICT.  They have been learning how to left click on mouse pads and use headphones in order to listen to e-stories.

Week 4

Week 4 already and the children are really enjoying learning about animals.  We are hoping to have a vet in the week after next to tell us about her job.  She may even bring some animals in...

This week we have looked at animal patterns in particular.  The children made some beautiful pictures, some of which have gone into our class display.



Week 3

We are learning ball skills!

We have a Veterinary Surgery outside

Week 2

It is going to take time for our children to get used to their new routines!  They are settling in well, but there are times when they struggle to remember how things are done in Hazel Class.  Well done to everyone for coping so well with the changes.

We have had some lovely comments from parents in the Reading Records about how their children are managing with their home reading.  Please could all parents and carers ensure they listen to their child read and record in the Reading Record the name of the book read and a comment.  If you don't have time to leave a comment a signature is fine!

Jingles will spend the weekend with a special star of the week

Week 1

The children have settled in happily into Hazel Class.  They have done really well, given that they have two new teachers and Mrs Godden to teach them computing and lots of TAs too!  Below are some pictures of the happy times they have had so far.