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Term 3

Term 3 Wk 1

Welcome back to all of the Acorns. I hope you all had a lovely break and wish you all a happy new year.

A special welcome to Jago who has joined us this week and has already settled in really well.

I have been so impressed this week, we all seem to have remembered the sounds we have learnt and are continuing to read all of those tricky words. We have written some super sentences about the New Year and the presents we received for Christmas. We have also learnt about the year changing and the months and seasons. All the children could tell me that we are now in winter and what we might expect winter to look like. Brrrr!

We have had a bit of a party theme to welcome in 2017. We watched the fireworks on the London Eye and joined hands to sing Auld Lang Syne.

This term our topic is called Community Heroes. We will be learning about all of the people who help us in our school community and the wider community.

We will start off next week asking Mr Elgar our school site manager all about his job and how we can help him.

We will then be learning about then Police, Paramedics, Chinese New Year ( because week 5 is when it falls this year) and then the Fire Service.


Fantastic PE Acorns!

Such good listening and some really impressive balances.

We all managed to get changed with only a little help as well. Well done all of you!

Term 3 Week 2

This week our learning has been about the people who help us in school. We used question words to think of our own questions to ask our site manager Mr Elgar all about his job. He came in to class and told us all about what he does in school. He thinks Acorn class are very tidy. We do try to help!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Lots of the Acorns have not really seen much snow before so we thought it was our duty to let them have the experience.We got dressed up in all of our outdoor gear and had a fab time on the school field. It was such a lot of fun for them. As always we like to link our experiences to our learning so when we got back in to the class room we looked at snowflakes on the whiteboard and learnt that they all have six sides or points and that they are all totally different. The children thought this was fascinating.

Wk 3 Term 3

This week our learning has been about the police. We have made police badges, labelled a police officer, sounding out and writing words such as 'hat, belt and badge' and painted super pictures of police cars. With our maths this week we took away the robbers from the jail and used Numicon to work out our answers. Even though it has been a bit cold the Acorn's still love to play outside. We made our very own bird hide so we can keep a check on which birds come to visit ( it keeps us quiet as well!). The mud kitchen turned into an ice kitchen for a little while so we made 'ice cream' mud pies yum yum!

Week 4 Term 3

Another busy week for the lovely Acorns. Its so amazing to watch the children progress with their learning. They really are doing so well. A great big thanks to all you busy mums and dads and other family members who find the time to read and learn all of our new sounds and words. I love that moment when they start to blend sounds together to make words and they really start to understand what it all means, so well done all of you! We have been learning about paramedics this week as some of the pictures show, we quite liked the bandaging! We also got the Bee Bots out and learnt how to program them. They have been great fun!

Week 5 Term 3

Gong Hey Fat Choy! or Happy New Year in Chinese.

We seem to have done a lot this week. We have learnt all about the Chinese New Year. We retold the story about the animals and how they became the years of the Chinese Zodiac. We tried Chinese food, the prawn crackers went down very well. We also used our problem solving skills to make a red envelope to hold coins, just like Chinese people do to celebrate new year. Come in on Monday after school to see our fabulous dragons and have a look at our books.

Term 3 Week 6

Super fun PJ day! All the children came dressed in their pj's today, It made us quite sleepy! Or maybe that's just because its been a very busy term and we all need a rest.

We have learnt about the fire service this week and thought about the good work they do. We had a practice fire drill so that the children know what to do when we have a real fire drill. They were all very sensible. In Maths we added one more using a fireman's ladder and in English we wrote about what the fire service do.

Have a super fun half term break. We will be starting off with mini beasts next term, with all sorts of animals following.