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This week we have moved on to addition in maths; adding  powers of 10, number bonds and column methods.  If the children could practice some of these at home, that would be really helpful for some children that found these tricky.  In English, we had a great debate about the equality of men and women back in 1922.  The children thought of lots of valid points to argue, but thankfully we came to the conclusion that men and women are equal, and how unfair it was 100 years ago when women weren't allowed to do certain jobs.  We also discovered what telegrams are and how they were used in 1922.  We wrote our own and then translated it into Morse code.  We finished our RE unit looking at the story of Adam and Eve.  We discussed the concept of temptation and what temptations we have in our lives.  We learnt in more detail about jobs in Egypt and then prepared an interview about these jobs after doing some research.  

We are really looking forward to Book Week, and if any parents want to come along to the 'Share a book' session on Monday morning please email myself or Mrs Lewis. 

Have a great weekend,

The Beech Staff Team

Mrs Hall