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We are working with numbers to fifty this term and still getting to grips with tens and ones!

In Science I asked the children 'what is a plant?' 

Here are their answers:

Plants can be food to us.

Something that we grow in the ground.

A growing thing that needs water.

A growing thing that needs food and soil and water.

Plants are really good to us.

Some insects can have homes in plants.

They come from seeds.

Some plants can go into trees.

Some plants need air.

Plants need sun and water.

Trees can help us breathe.

Some plants need energy.


we sowed Parsley seeds and then the children literally started waiting for them to germinate!



WOW! What an amazing day we had at The Beany. It was wonderful for the children to see so many toys from the Victorian Times. They all enjoyed dressing up in Victorian clothes and having chance to play with some old toys. Making the clay marbles was also a big hit.


Mrs Fitzgerald used her amazing drawing skills to draw a big map of the United Kingdom for us on the playground. The children had to remember which countries make up the UK and where they are. They then learnt what the capital city of each country is. Keep practicing those capital cities as we found them a lot harder than the countries! 


We have been looking at adjectives today, the children thought of some really good words to describe the three little pigs and their mum.


Growing and changing was the topic in our SRE lesson today. The children were super sensible when learning the scientific names for some parts of our bodies. We then looked at the different stages of development and put them in the correct order.