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Thursday 7th May

We hope you've had a great start to your week. As tomorrow would have been our trip to Dover Castle with Beech class, we have decided that we would like you to take a virtual trip using the online resources available to you. 

Head to Beech Classes page and you will find Mrs Strover has provided you with all the information you need to visit Dover Castle without even leaving your homes, or gardens. 

We would love to hear how you got on and what you found out. 


Writing Challenge- Can you create a diary entry- A day in the life of.....

Choose a person that would have spent time at Dover castle during the war and write me an exciting recount in role. This could be a soldier, a nurse or any other person that you come across. 

Topic - Intriduction to South America. Google; 'South America videos for kids' to watch clips of what the Continent is like.

Computing - Scratch Debug challenges.

Use the Scratch website (The children have used this website in class) to complete some debugging challenges.


The best (and simplest) ones to use are by 'Scratch Ed team'

Write down what you had to do to solve the problem.

PSHE - Changes. Use the PPT and read the stories. Choose a story and create a storyboard for it. You will need to decide the ending.

RE - How do Christians show their beliefs about God through Baptism?


Use the PPT and watch the BBC class clip (Google - Baptism video ks2 - there a few different ones to watch) Also use the REQuest and REonline websites to explore different types of Baptisms.


List the similarities and differences between infant and adult Baptism.  Add a third list of connections to the story of Jesus' Baptism.  (Use the resource sheet to help - this does have the answers to muddle up for the children to use - so don't show the children this straight away, but handy for parents!)


Write a Baptism prayer including words from the Trinity.



Rory Branagan- The Deadly Dinner Lady- Chapter 8

Rory Branagan- The Deadly Dinner Lady- Chapter 9

Rory Branagan- The Deadly Dinner Lady- Chapter 10

Rory Branagan- The Deadly Dinner Lady- Chapter 11

Daisy's super English work. A great Anansi story and months of the year poem. Both beautifully written.

Saul's home learning. Marbling ink craft and a shopping game, using many maths skills.

Theo's Home Learning. He's been cooking, going for long walks and doing bus stop division, as well as lots more - well done Theo.

Sienna's Henry II research project from her virtual tour around Dover Castle.

Eli's fantastic diary entry following his virtual tour of Dover Castle. It's by a cannon master from WW2.

Owen's Home learning this week - a nature investigation, and sewing to name a few of the different activities. It all looks great fun Owen, and lots of skills learnt.