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Week 6 06.07.2020

Topic - Life in Brazil

Use the City of 2 halves PPT and watch the Rochinha life video to discover what life is like in different parts of Brazil.

Complete the venn diagram and the diary entry activity.




Use the Samir and Samira PPT and the photo investigation PPT to learn what it's like to be a child in Brazil.

Write a letter from one of them to someone from another country (A penpal) explaining what their life is like.

Computing - Final take!


Record your final version of your film and send to me!

You may have to do more than 1 take to perfect it.

I cannot wait to see what you've produced.

RE - What ceremonies do Hindus mark in the journey of life?


Use the PPT and watch the video (BBC Moskha video ks2)


Draw a Hindu journey of life cycle which eventually leads to Moksha.  


What would you like to be reincarnated as, if this is what you believed in, and why?


Jago's colourful, glittery carnival mask

Miles' caterpillar to butterfly photos.