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Star of the Week

This weeks Star of the Week is Avery. You have had a great week, thank you for your enthusiastic contribution during our first topic lesson thinking about why Captain Robert Scott is famous. In English you have work carefully ensuring you read through your sentences and think about ways to make them even better. Well done Avery!

Table of the Week

Elephants are this Weeks Table of the Week. Don't forget your show and tell on Monday!


The children were introduced to this terms topic today. This picture was slowly revealed to them and at each stage they had to speculate as to what the picture might be showing. The children's enthusiasm was brilliant and they were very curious to know if they had been right. With the whole picture on view the children were then asked to think about what questions needed answering and what else they would like to find out about. The list of questions is incredible!


We then focussed on two important questions: What did Scott do to make him famous? How do we know he is famous? The children were then asked to think about why 4 Englishmen were being photographed outside a Norwegian tent!




The children loved being on the field for PE today!


More mystery footprints have been spotted around the school which suggests the mystery creature is on the loose! The children used the descriptions from yesterdays lesson to create missing posters. 


The children have been using scales to measure in grams. 


The children discovered some strange animal footprints in class today. They used a booklet to identify these animals by their footprints. They found a panda, an elephant, an orangutan and a polar bear but one set could not be identifed. The children used adjectives to describe what this unidentifable animal could look like. For example: This creature has a feathered body and is lumpy, wide and dangerous!